Morning sickness or Stomach Bug? – That is the Question

Tuesday and Wednesday were not so good days in the nausea department. But I still don’t know whether it was a taste of morning sickness or whether I was actually sick. You see I’ve heard (and please be prepared for too much information) that during pregnancy it is normal to get constipated, well the last few days I’ve actually had the opposite, and that was combined with pretty bad nausea. I still don’t feel pregnant.


I’m not so good at this whole coming up with a mind-blowing title thing yet. Hopefully this is something that gets better with practice.

Not much of a day to report. Thursdays always tend to be quite similar. Me running around like a lunatic trying to get ready for Girl’s Brigade. I really hope that some more leaders start up next year, as there is no way I will be able to keep up the same pace next year. As much as I love GBs, I think it would be insane to even try.

Had a pretty good time on the night. My juniors ended up covered in paint… sorry to all the mums who have to clean that out of the uniforms. I don’t know how so much paint got through the art shirts. Next time I think it will be layers of art shirts for the girls.

I do still feel so very badly for what the Pioneers have had to put up with this year in terms of activities. They really did deserve better. I want to give them so much better next year. I’m sorry girls.

Looks like this is an entry full of apologies.

Onto the preggo talk – I still don’t feel pregnant. Haven’t started the whole peeing cycle thing yet, and no noticeable changes up there either. I’m sure during the later stages of this pregnancy (Lord willing) I’ll regret ever wishing to feel MORE pregnant.

Trying to resume normality

Worked at the pie factory today. Every five seconds I had to stop myself from making some sort of pregnancy comment. It is just so instantly life changing, and it is the only thing that I want to talk about… except I can’t.

I think at this stage we are waiting until after our first ob appointment before we tell family, and probably three months before we start letting other people know.

Moving outside the pregnancy topic for the first time ever. We went to an Australian Idol party last night. A huge congratulations to Guy for winning. I was cheering for you Guy (not that I voted or anything). I absolutely cannot believe that we went to an Idol party. Doesn’t seem like something we’d do. I enjoyed it to a degree. The actual show itself is excrutiating. They drag it out for every second they can. In a way I’m glad it is over.


Well, I rang the doctor’s office this morning… and the message I got from the doctor was “Congratulations, and you can make an appointment with Dr. X. Dr X. is the obstetrician my GP recommended. I’m all booked in for 22 December. Wow.

I am pregnant!!

Coming To Terms

I’ve been TTC for quite a while now. In fact we started trying to get pregnant in February or March this year. But it hasn’t been a happy or eventful journey.

After months of trying, but not very many cycles, I went to the doctor’s for blood tests, and was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS from here-on in). I was pretty devestated by this news. After about a week of weighing up the different options available to me I decided that diet would be the first thing that I would try to rectify the problem. PCOS can be weight related.

I decided to use the sugar science diet by Dr. John Ratcliffe, and so pretty much cut sugar and all high carb foods from my diet. It was not easy… but it looks like it might have been worth it.

Today I’ve been to the doctor’s and he has told me that I am most likely pregnant!

Let’s go back a couple of weeks. Ovulation finally took place on the 2nd of November. When it comes to taking home pregnancy tests I am extremely weak. I think it was by 9 days past ovulation that I finally caved in and tested… and there was a faint positive. I have once before had a false positive… so I went out and bought a different brand… faint positive.

The next day I went to the doctors and had my first blood test, but the results came back “equivocal” meaning they couldn’t tell if I was pregnant or not. Of course this was very frustrating, and I had to wait ’til today to have another test.

This morning before I went to the doctor’s surgery I took another pregnancy test. This time it came up postive immediately, I didn’t even have to wait the 1 – 3 minutes for the second line to come up. And the doctor said that I didn’t really have to have a blood test, but we did one anyway. I’ll get the results tomorrow.

After so long waiting, I can’t believe that this could finally be happening. Stick in there little bean. Stick tight.