Slept in and were late for church. Been fiddling around a bit more with this web site. Finished my 100 things, boy was that tough. Brett is having a nap.

Heshe has been wriggling like crazy today, more than ever before, some very new sensations being experienced by my body. I just like it that I can feel Heshe move every day. Ten weeks to go.

Working at the pie factory every day for the next two week, which should be interesting considering I’ve only worked 1 or 2 days a week for months, and now I’m also quite pregnant. Hope that my boss gets a replacement sorted out very soon or I’m going to start stressing.

Quick as Can be Catch Up

Yes I realise that 29 weeks and 6 days pregnant is pretty late to start a pregnancy journal… but I’m doing it anyway. Following is the briefest possible synopsis of events so far.

Before we fell pregnant I had been having some fertility issues – was diagnosed as most likely having Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I decided to try the Sugar Science diet to combat the problem first, as it has been known to have success helping women with PCOS.

Weeks One & Two
Waiting to ovulate. Because of my irregular cycles taking temperatures to give me any sign that my body was doing what it was supposed to.
Week Three
Counting down the days til I could do a home pregnancy test (HPT) and thinking every single thing my body did that was out of the ordinary was a symptom of pregnancy. One thing that happened this cycle that had never happened before – I got three little lumps just inside my bottom lip. I don’t know whether it was a result of being pregnant, or just something that happened (but of course at the time I was convinced it was a pregnancy symptom).
Week Four
Not being very good at waiting the two full weeks after ovulation I tested at 9 days past ovulation. I nearly fell down on the en-suite floor when I saw the faint positive. Being the compulsive tester I was I only had el cheapo HPTs in the house, so after much consideration (all of five seconds) I raced down to the chemist to get a better brand. Another faint positive. I told Brett that night, and we decided before getting excited (too late for me already I think) I should go to the doctor and have a blood test. Waiting two days for the result was agony, unfortunately the result came back inconclusive and I had to wait the whole weekend before going back to the doctors to have another test. Of course over the days of having the blood tests and waiting for the results I had been taking more HPTs, one an early detector, and they had all come back positive. Finally the second blood test result came back and it was positive! The doctor had given me a referral to an obstetrician just in case the result came back positive so I rang to make an appointment. I was only three and a half weeks pregnant, and he was almost fully booked already.
Week Five
Wanting to tell everyone I know what is happening, but having to keep it a secret.
Week Six
See week five.
Week Seven
I think this was the week we told our immediate family and a few members of the extended family. I also started getting quite tired and feeling nauseous for most of the day.
Week Eight
Glenn, Kate and Jack moved in with us this week. Aunt was expecting another cousin.
Week Nine
Nothing to report apart from continued tiredness and nausea.
Week Ten
Our first obstetrician appointment with Dr. Colin Blair atMurdoch St John of God Hospital. We got to see Heshe on the ultrasound. As tiny as Heshe was there was a heartbeat. It was a wonderful relief to see that everything was going well. During these weeks of waiting I was already visiting shops looking at baby furniture and clothes starting to decide what I liked. This week was Christmas as well, no presents for bub this year.
Week Eleven
New Year’s Eve, I don’t think we even stayed up to see the new year in.
Week Twelve
Started feeling better. Some of the things that helped me feel better and stave off the nausea over the last few weeks were:Sea Bands – Borrowed them from Sheryl, but couldn’t wear them in public as it might raise questions. But they were great when I could wear them.Bundaberg Ginger Beer – I’m not usually a fan of ginger beer, but it really helped keep the nausea at bay. Eating frequently and not getting hungry also helped. Jack’s birthday, we went to the zoo.
Week Thirteen
We decided not to have the triple test because it doesn’t confirm Down’s Syndrome for sure, and that wouldn’t make a difference to us anyway. Now past the twelve week mark we started telling people. Or rather we gave our parents permission to tell people. I found that I was so used to not telling people we were expecting that I just didn’t mention it unless a really great opportunity to shock someone came up.
Week Fourteen

Week Fifteen
John and Nicky’s Michaela Jolene arrived.
Week Sixteen
Second obstetrician appointment – got to see Heshe on the ultrasound again. This time there was a lot more to see – head, spine – and much more active, bouncing all over the place. I was surprised that I wasn’t feeling anything at all.
Week Seventeen
Still not feeling any movement, and not looking pregnant yet either. Very happy with my weight gain so far – Tuesdays are my weigh day, this week I was actually 100g lighter than the week we found out we were expecting.
Week Eighteen
Feeling great these days, full of energy and positively blooming.
Week Nineteen
Anatomy Scan. Wow. Amazing to see Heshe so clearly on the screen. Everything measuring correctly, and everything in the right place. Looks like Heshe is going to take after Brett, wasn’t very co-operative about having his/her face looked at. Around about this time I started feeling movement. Not very clearly at first.
Week Twenty
Put everything on lay-by for the baby and nursery this week atGoblins Babyland this week. I found the hardest item to choose the pram. Mum came with me and had a look at everything that we’d picked out.
Week Twenty-One
Half Way!! I think it was this week or maybe last week that Glenn, Kate and Jack moved out.
Week Twenty-Two
Third obstetrician appointment. No ultrasound this time, but everything looking good. Dr Blair was running quite late as he had a delivery that day.
Week Twenty-Three
Pretty sure that Brett had felt Heshe move by now. Nicholas born this week?
Week Twenty-Four
Heshe very active, but very cheeky, every time I try to get someone else to feel him/her moving – nothing.
Week Twenty-Five
Rachel M. born this week. I want to put in an order for a labour like that!! Had my glucose tolerance test this week. Started painting in the nursery. Brett sick with a cold which I thankfully managed not to get. Finished long name list and started culling it.
Week Twenty-Six
Easter long weekend. More painting. Carey and Billy came around to help. Billy says Heshe is a boy.
Week Twenty-Seven
George Ellis passed away this week.
Week Twenty-Eight
Mr Ellis’ funeral and fourth obstetrician appointment on the same day. Appointment went great. Weight gain still good, blood pressure down slightly. Got to hear heartbeat again. Uterus measuring correctly. Brett got me in “trouble” for poking around too much. Had to promise him not to do it so much. My birthday, got digital camera (hope to use for this site) and a body pillow. Hmmmm, my body pillow. Helps me sleep much better.
Week Twenty-Nine
Third Trimester!! Joshua’s birthday. Starting to get a little more emotional I’ve noticed.
Week Thirty
Mother’s Day. My first one (sort of). I’ve started to waddle. Definitely looking pregnant now. Not sure when I actually started showing, it’s nice.