Washing Day

Finally a fine day!! I was starting to get a little concerned about getting any of Heshe’s clothes washed and dried before our due date. But today was forecast as a beauty and I started my washing last night – trusting the weather man’s predictions – living on the edge I know. The prediction was correct though, and I’ve managed to get most of the clothes washed and on the line. Just some coloured and delicate clothes, and the bedding to be done. I think we might make it. I also think I might be a born worrier.


Dumb Pregnancy Thing II

At the shower last week I had another dumb pregnancy episode. Although I don’t think the incident was completely pregnancy induced. I may have been trying to do too many things at once. Which of course, when you’re pregnant is a dangerous thing to do.

I was pouring a drink, talking to someone and holding either Jack or Romilly – all at the same time. Can you guess what happened. I just kept on pouring that drink. I think I must have half filled the glass again. What is even
dumber is that I realised what was happening, but the message to my brain to stop seemed to be somewhat delayed.

In other news, I’ve been sick. Had, and still have to a lesser degree, a
very nasty head cold. Spent a few nights in the spare bedroom, or on the couch, depending on which I decided was more comfortable at the time. Brett took me to the doctors on Monday morning after two really quite bad days. I’m starting to feel a little better now. I suppose I’ll have to behave

Last night was the third in a series of four antenatal classes which we are attending at the moment. I wouldn’t say that I have learned anything new as such, but it is good to hear all of this information again also close to the time of Heshe’s arrival and b) from a member of the midwifery team herself. Last night was “the video” and information on caesarean and bringing the baby home. Next week is bre*astfeeding, I have to find a baby size doll to take to the class, so if anyone I know reads this and has one I can borrow, that would be most helpful.

I’ve been trying to do an entry on the nursery for ages now but never seem to get around to it, so I’m just going to post the first lot of pictures now, and I’ll take some more of the progress soon (we hope) and put them up later. When we’ve told people that we are painting the nursery purple and green, most are horrified. When I modify that description to lime and lilac/lavender the response tends to be slightly better. Here is the room post painting – pre furniture.




I’ve just realised. I’m missing an entry. I wonder how that happened. It was about another stupid pregnancy thing that I’d done. I don’t have enough time to re-enter it now, but hopefully this entry will serve as a reminder for me to do it next time I’m working on the blog.


My brother Glenn and his partner Kate invited us to go to Aqwa with them on Saturday. We left from mum’s place about noon. Glenn had given Simon a driving lesson. The only negative thing about the whole day would have to have been the traffic jam on the freeway on our way there. Apart from that we had an awesome time.

Jack loved looking at the fish. I thought that he would have been a bit more excited about the touch pool, but he was actually more happy to just look than to get into it. I think the thing he got most excited about was the seals. They were swimming really close to the window and it was pretty spectacular.

It is so much more fun to go with small children, and to see how excited they get about things that we take for granted. I don’t know what my favourite would have been. The jelly fish were pretty cool, but so were lots of other things.

I took some photos, don’t know if you’d call any of them special, but here are the top pick of the bunch.








Strange Kitty

Let me introduce you to our fur-baby. The most consistent thing about Ookie is how odd she is. Where do I start. Every time Brett or I head in the direction of the laundry (which is her room) she assumes she is going to be fed, and so off she races. The thing is, there is already food there. She seems to need one of us standing close by encouraging her to eat, or perhaps to remind her that there is food there.

She is also not a very brave member of the feline species. Just about anything can and will scare her. A new person, a well loved person carrying a box, a well loved person suddenly appearing in the room, or just a well loved person at times. What terrifies her most of all are miniature people, especially those who chase after her making lots of noise.

Ookie is a very sophisticated cat, you will *never* see her playing games, killing socks or mats or the like, and if you should so happen to think you see her participating in one of the aforementioned activities, her stern gaze will soon put that error of judgment right.

In the mornings I normally get up before Brett and our usual routine is
to let Ookie out of the laundry and she will then curl up on the bed with Brett until he gets up. Of late she has decided that the bed is a nice place to be even when Brett isn’t there for warmth… but under the doona provides a better temperature.

We do love Ookie. She is friendly toward Brett and myself and likes to be near us most of the time, and will often talk to us.





Let’s Hope the Machine is Wrong

Had an obstetrician appointment today. Everything was fine, my blood pressure, urine specimen, weight gain and so on. All the usual suspects they check out. Dr B. gave me an abdominal palp and said that I was measuring at about 30 – 32 weeks, and his guess that by due date Heshe would be around 7 pounds. I thought that sounded like quite a nice size.

Then we had an ultrasound.

The measurements said by birth date expect an 8 or 9 pounder. Like I said; let’s hope the machine is wrong. Dr B. tried to reassure us by saying that I am carrying a baby that is going to be that big amazingly well – as in I really don’t look that big. Please, please let Dr. B be right.

It’s Raining Babies

Today was our baby shower. When I say our I mean Heshe and I. Brett being the brave fellow that he is couldn’t handle the thought of all those women, so he went and played computer games at Dave’s place. Had such a fantastic day. Debs and Mum did a brilliant job organising everything. About thirty people turned up. Got a little crowded at times, but manageable.

Debs made a great centre piece – a nappy cake. It was made out of disposable nappies that had been rolled into cylinders and then they were put together into three different sized tiers. And to top it off a M&M filled bottle as a candle. The ribbons used to decorate were in the colours of the nursery. If I manage to figure out how to include a photo with this entry then you’ll see it in the middle of all the loot we got.

Speaking of which, we were extremely spoiled. We got so much beautiful stuff. I need to get organised now and do thank you notes. I was going to leave doing the thank you cards until after Heshe arrives, but someone said I should do notes for each individual occasion… now I just have to get busy and make and write them.

Today was also Simon’s birthday – 17 – can get his license now, which I think he is absolutely dying to do. He spends an awful lot of time working on his car. I guess for most people first cars are a bit of an obsession.

Oh and how could I forget, during the shower Jenny, my cousin from Melbourne arrived. She’d spent the week in Bunbury and is stayed the night so we could drop her at the airport in the morning. It was nice to catch up with her.
She timed it well – baby shower and Simon’s birthday. So we had a family dinner at our place to celebrate. We were originally going to go out for tea, but dad decided that he wasn’t up to gadding about on his crutches yet so the plans were changed.

I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I think being 34 weeks pregnant is a pretty good excuse for being tired.

Let’s see if we’ve got this photo thing worked out.


And that wasn’t all the gifts, there were more around the edges of the picture, and on the floor beneath the table. Yes we were spoiled. And don’t forget to take note of the nappy cake.

Dumb Pregnancy Thing

Worked at Dave’s today. Brett rang to speak to me. Whenever we call Dave we always tend to have trouble hearing him. I mentioned to Brett that I couldn’t hear him properly, and no he couldn’t hear me properly either, but we continued the conversation none the less, assuming that the phone has a problem. At the end of the conversation I went to hang up the phone (cordless, so hanging up by pressing a button) when it came to my attention I’d been holding the phone the wrong way up. Boy did I have a good laugh at my own expense.

And of course to exasperate the situation I’d been pressing the phone even harder against my ear so that I could hear Brett better. What are we going to do to me.