First Outing

It really is quite strange. After a major event in your life, or at least in my case everything after the occurrence is a first… kind of makes you look at things in a new light. We’ve just returned from our first shopping trip, on which we experienced first use of the p-ram. Probably really quit insignificant in the scheme of things, but very exciting for this new mummy and daddy. Oh no, we’re baby bores!!

We went to Tar*get because I wanted to buy the boy an outfit now that we know Heshe is a he, but they’ve just brought in their summer collection of clothes, and there wasn’t much exciting left in the way of little boys clothes for cooler weather. I guess I’ll just have to wait a bit longer to fulfill my shopping desire.

Elisha was very well behaved, he appeared to be asleep the whole time we were out shopping, not even waking when his novice of a mother banged the pram wheels into things. These prams can be a lot wider than they actually look. Brett and I were both convinced that the pram would fit through the regular isle at the supermarker, but I had to push it through the wheelchair/pram isle in the end, the wheels were just too wide. *sigh*

Post match drinks

Yes, I’m running out of appropriate game related analogies.

I’ve whacked up some photos here. I made a somewhat hurried selection from the camera, and unfortunately they look more like a promo for the dark (blurry and disinterested) avenger than anything else (super powers being ‘wind’ and the ability to reduce otherwise well developed vocabularies to ‘schnookums’, ‘little man’ and ‘cuddlyfubblybunny’). Will engage in some pose education and try again later…

Final Score…

Just home on a cat-laundry-oblution-and-affection related mercy mission. Final stats are: a boy, 8 pounds 3 ounces, 52 cm long (legal in this state), born at 8.25 AM on the 23rd. We say welcome to the world Elisha Morgan, and apologies to Ookie, who is no longer our favourite baby. The position of favourite fur-baby, however, is still clasped firmly in her jealous claws, barring any post-natal foliation treatment for Elisha… Mum is doing well. Thanks to our Father in Heaven for another amazing gift.

To Market, To Market

Yes, guess where I’m headed again!! Back to the hospital to have my blood pressure monitored, although this time Dr. B reckons I wont be out without a third person to our family.

Things still not looking flash for a natural birth… we’ve got a floater. Head is not in the pelvis at all. So all my pleading and asking nicely and demanding and singing songs about getting down have amounted to nothing.

But what Dr B. proposes is what is for the best.

I’ll make sure to ask someone to keep you all up to date.

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

Well that last part of the title is not quite correct, more like Pregnant Waddle. So after two nights in hospital I’m home again – in one piece not two. Kind of disappointing, but good to know that everything is great with Heshe. I’m glad to be home, hospital is kind of boring when you aren’t sick and you’re supposed to be resting. I got quite a bit of my cross stitch done though, which is a good thing.

While in hospital was put on a trace, which I found absolutley fascinating. I could have watched it for hours. As it was it was only on for half an hour. I had two readings being taken, the first was Heshe’s heart rate, the second was uterine activity. Heart rate was great, and I was having Braxton Hicks about every five minutes. I think the biggest one was a 90… but completely painless.

Had to have blood pressure, baby’s heartbeat and urine samples checked multiple times a day and night. Didn’t sleep all that well, had a huge nap when I got home this afternoon.

Also had an ultrasound to make sure that Heshe is still being fed properly in spite of the naughty blood pressure, and yes, everything is great, and I’m not carrying a small bub that’s for sure. And we have very, very long legs. I’m getting very curious to see what you look like my little munchkin.

An internal exam just before coming home this afternoon revealed that everything is still locked up very tight, and the head is still not in the pelvis. If things had have been otherwise an induction was on the cards, but no use trying under the circumstances.

Have to see Dr B. on Monday and after that we’re handed over to Dr P. while the former is away. Drop baby, drop. Let’s get things moving.

Tara gets a guernsey

Tara’s BP (that means “blood pressure” – graduate with hons, school of ER) was up again at yesterday’s obstetrician visit, which earned her a stay in hospital to have it monitored. It’s ok for the BP to peak and drop, but when it stays up there, apparently, “We talk delivery.” And what with the Howard government’s $3000-per-baby I guess that would make it cash on delivery. Problem solved. We’ll call the child COD. Or maybe Cody. That one’s already been taken by friends of ours. Apparently if she goes into labour in the wee hours, calls home, and I neglect to leave the warm confines of bed, she will name it Booger in my absence. Then I suppose we’re not so much talking “delivery” as “blow” … Why don’t people talk about the Ozone layer anymore?

Still Workin’

This is definitely not what I pictured myself doing at over 38 weeks pregnant. I’m still working. And more than I have been over the last eight months. Ironic isn’t it?

I’ve been pretty tired apart from work, hence the lack of updates all around my web site. My apologies to anyone who actually does check to see whether there is anything new. I’ve even been lacking inspiration for photos.

I think I’ve finished at Dave’s for now, but will be back there once Heshe arrives. The pie factory I am hoping that Thursday will be the last day.

Although whether or not Thursday is a go depends on our obstetrician appointment tomorrow. This will most likely be the last time I see Dr. B before Heshe arrives… well I hope Heshe doesn’t arrive after he’s back from holidays that is for sure. We are certainly running out of room inside there, and I can feel every movement. It’s pretty cool, but at the same time I certainly am ready to meet this little person, and find out a bit more about them.

Our new printer arrived to day. Woohoo. But the USB cable didn’t. How frustrated do you think I am by this gorgeous new toy sitting here in our computer room…. that I can’t use. I know, I know, patience is a virtue.


The results from Thursdays visits were good. My blood pressure has dropped slightly, and no plus proteins this time around. Looks like we’ll be one for a little bit longer. I do hope that Heshe comes just a little earlier than expected, as Dr B. is going to be on holidays from the 19th to the 3rd, and I don’t really want to wait until he gets back. Though I am sure that Dr P. the obstetrician who covers for him while he is away is just as nice.

Heshe continues to be naughty – is lying in posterior position. Apart from pleading with him/her to turn around I don’t think there is much that I can do.

Booked in to have a lesson with a physio on the TENS machine, but that is on the 19th. I wonder if they would do a really quick lesson if I was in the early stages of labour.

Had some bad news yesterday, the lady who I have been training to take over my position at the pie factory has decided that she doesn’t want the job. Fortunately Steve has managed to sort someone else out, but I’m still going to need to go in a couple more times. Everyone is getting very cross at me for continuing to work. I’d rather not be working, but I think in a way it is filling up a little bit of my time and that is a good thing. And I get to see Glenn, which is nice.

Brett has gone off to an auction this morning, it will be interesting to see what he brings home with him. He is going on someone else’s behalf, but I know he’s got his eye on at least one thing for here at home.

Well I’d better head off and do some housework now.