Still Workin’

This is definitely not what I pictured myself doing at over 38 weeks pregnant. I’m still working. And more than I have been over the last eight months. Ironic isn’t it?

I’ve been pretty tired apart from work, hence the lack of updates all around my web site. My apologies to anyone who actually does check to see whether there is anything new. I’ve even been lacking inspiration for photos.

I think I’ve finished at Dave’s for now, but will be back there once Heshe arrives. The pie factory I am hoping that Thursday will be the last day.

Although whether or not Thursday is a go depends on our obstetrician appointment tomorrow. This will most likely be the last time I see Dr. B before Heshe arrives… well I hope Heshe doesn’t arrive after he’s back from holidays that is for sure. We are certainly running out of room inside there, and I can feel every movement. It’s pretty cool, but at the same time I certainly am ready to meet this little person, and find out a bit more about them.

Our new printer arrived to day. Woohoo. But the USB cable didn’t. How frustrated do you think I am by this gorgeous new toy sitting here in our computer room…. that I can’t use. I know, I know, patience is a virtue.

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