Tara gets a guernsey

Tara’s BP (that means “blood pressure” – graduate with hons, school of ER) was up again at yesterday’s obstetrician visit, which earned her a stay in hospital to have it monitored. It’s ok for the BP to peak and drop, but when it stays up there, apparently, “We talk delivery.” And what with the Howard government’s $3000-per-baby I guess that would make it cash on delivery. Problem solved. We’ll call the child COD. Or maybe Cody. That one’s already been taken by friends of ours. Apparently if she goes into labour in the wee hours, calls home, and I neglect to leave the warm confines of bed, she will name it Booger in my absence. Then I suppose we’re not so much talking “delivery” as “blow” … Why don’t people talk about the Ozone layer anymore?

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