Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

Well that last part of the title is not quite correct, more like Pregnant Waddle. So after two nights in hospital I’m home again – in one piece not two. Kind of disappointing, but good to know that everything is great with Heshe. I’m glad to be home, hospital is kind of boring when you aren’t sick and you’re supposed to be resting. I got quite a bit of my cross stitch done though, which is a good thing.

While in hospital was put on a trace, which I found absolutley fascinating. I could have watched it for hours. As it was it was only on for half an hour. I had two readings being taken, the first was Heshe’s heart rate, the second was uterine activity. Heart rate was great, and I was having Braxton Hicks about every five minutes. I think the biggest one was a 90… but completely painless.

Had to have blood pressure, baby’s heartbeat and urine samples checked multiple times a day and night. Didn’t sleep all that well, had a huge nap when I got home this afternoon.

Also had an ultrasound to make sure that Heshe is still being fed properly in spite of the naughty blood pressure, and yes, everything is great, and I’m not carrying a small bub that’s for sure. And we have very, very long legs. I’m getting very curious to see what you look like my little munchkin.

An internal exam just before coming home this afternoon revealed that everything is still locked up very tight, and the head is still not in the pelvis. If things had have been otherwise an induction was on the cards, but no use trying under the circumstances.

Have to see Dr B. on Monday and after that we’re handed over to Dr P. while the former is away. Drop baby, drop. Let’s get things moving.

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