First Outing

It really is quite strange. After a major event in your life, or at least in my case everything after the occurrence is a first… kind of makes you look at things in a new light. We’ve just returned from our first shopping trip, on which we experienced first use of the p-ram. Probably really quit insignificant in the scheme of things, but very exciting for this new mummy and daddy. Oh no, we’re baby bores!!

We went to Tar*get because I wanted to buy the boy an outfit now that we know Heshe is a he, but they’ve just brought in their summer collection of clothes, and there wasn’t much exciting left in the way of little boys clothes for cooler weather. I guess I’ll just have to wait a bit longer to fulfill my shopping desire.

Elisha was very well behaved, he appeared to be asleep the whole time we were out shopping, not even waking when his novice of a mother banged the pram wheels into things. These prams can be a lot wider than they actually look. Brett and I were both convinced that the pram would fit through the regular isle at the supermarker, but I had to push it through the wheelchair/pram isle in the end, the wheels were just too wide. *sigh*

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