In space, no one can hear you grunt…

Further proof to hand of the conjecture that Elisha is indeed an alien inhabiting a (small) human body. The incident cited below was understood to be of a fairly benign, albeit upsetting, nature. A simple case of common, if impressive, infant reflux. However, it also lends itself to a decidedly more sinister interpretation, namely the 2nd stage of small-human-unit weapons testing (I now believe the first stage to have been misinterpreted as a simple cat and mouse, or hose and towel, nappy changing game). Suspicions have increased as both NNF and IWNM have observed an odd leg waggling behaviour from the Child that we can only put down to the frustrated attempts of the encapsulated extraterrestrial to master the nascent perambulation powers of the chosen human capsule, in short to become fully mobile. This photo, taken just days ago during an observation vigil, appears to provide undeniable proof of the otherwordly nature of Child. Note the glowing nimbus, possibly some sort of fuel cell discharge or communications mechanism, and the vacant eyes.

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