Two Months

Dear Elisha,

I was just speaking to Daddy on the phone telling him that I was going to write a “two month” entry, and he didn’t mention at all that he had already done one. Cheeky Daddy.

Yes, that’s right, you are two months today. Where have the days gone? It seems like only yesterday we were meeting you for the first time. In other ways I cannot imagine not having you in our lives. You are such a blessing.

You have grown and developed so much in two months. Gone is our little newborn boy. In some ways I guess you never really were that little, but you certainly aren’t little now. Some of your nicknames are “Bruiser” and “Boofer”, referring of course to the fact that you are quite big for your age. I see other babies at different places and am often suprised to see that they are the same size as you, but much older. I guess that there is nothing wrong with the amount or quality of food that you are getting.

It has been an amazing experience getting to know you, and learning new things about you every week. I think that we are finally starting to understand most of your cries. Sometimes in the mornings I’m not sure if you are just talking to yourself, or if you are wanting to be fed, but I’m sure that we’ll work that out soon enough. The other cry that I find hard to work out is your very upset, pained sounding cry. I think the reason that I have trouble with this cry is that it can mean so many different things. Perhaps some day I’ll learn that this cry is actually more than one, and come to hear the difference. Maybe not.

Some of the things that work to sooth you when you are upset are: feeding (if it is time for a feed this always works), changning your nappy, picking you up, rubbing your tummy and singing (this one is good if you are supposed to be sleeping) and sitting you in front of the stereo and playing you some music, loud, but not too loud. You are your Mummy’s boy, she likes loud music too.

I love it when you smile. It just makes me all gooey. In fact your smiles have the ability to turn me into a sopping big puddle. We haven’t really managed to capture a really good smile on camera yet, but this is the best of what we’ve got. Daddy was changing you and you were just smiling and smiling away, even when something was put over your head, which is normally the cause of some tears. You are not too particular about who you smile at, but I like to think that you save up your best smiles for your mummy and daddy.


Crying is not the only sound you make any more. You quite often can be cought talking to yourself, or should I say gooing and gurgling. On a couple of occassions you have blown a raspberry, but only by accident. The other most common sound we hear from you is grunting, and hence the nicknames “Grunty”, “Grunty Boy”, “Grunty Bunty” and “Grunty Bunny” this grunty usually accompanies other activities into which we shall delve no further, except to say that it is nice to get some warning.

We are not one hundred percent sure if you have laughed at us, (I’m sure you have in your head at some of our efforts of parenting), the sound that is most like a laugh is usually in very close proximity to crying. On only a few occassions has this sound been solo. But only very small and short.

Napping during the day is not always what you want to do even when you need to, but going to sleep at night is no longer a problem. You seem to be quite happy to go to bed. And I know we said in an earlier post that you were sleeping through, it seems that for the moment you have decided eating during the night is better than sleeping, and we’re back to feeding once in the wee hours of the morning, and then again at about 5.30 to 6.30. If it is 6.00 or after I stay up, but otherwise I go back to bed. Here’s to hoping you soon sort out what it is that’s stopping you from sleeping through.

You are still growing at a phenomenal rate. You are putting on an average of 1 kilogram a fortnight, and hence you are racing through clothes sizes. You are now starting to grow out of some of your 000s and most of your 00s are fitting you quite nicely. I wonder how long it will be before we have to break out the 0s.

We also have a little game we play. I call it “Knock, Knock”. It is very simple. I tap you twice on the nose saying “Knock, knock” and then “Who’s there?” It usually results in a smile or a gurgle.

Such a lot to write about such a young boy. I’m looking forward to writing these month by month, and even more to being there to watch it happen.

I love you little man.

xx Mummy xx

And what Elisha doing right now… let’s get the camera and go take a look.


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