Elisha’s going to grow up with an identity crisis (or the nicknome project part II)

Well here finally is a list of the most commonly used nicknames for Elisha.

E-man, Lisha, Eli, Belchy Boy, Bubbly Boy, Grunty Boy, Grunty Bunty, Bubbly, Maggot, Grub, Pupating Maggot, But, Grubbly Bunny, Bruiser, Boofer, Chubbly Bunny, Grunty Bunny, Fubbly Wubbly Bunny, Monkey, Cheeky Monkey, Little Monkey, Monkey Moo, Mr Moo, Friar, Bubblet, Winston, Magoo, Mr Magoo, Magooby, Monster, Stinky Pants, Little Monster, Sweet Pea, Sweetness and Little Old Man.

Let’s hope that he grows up to know his own name.

I was speaking to a friend who has a five month old baby recently and she was relaying that she had been talking to her daughter and the baby had only responded to her nicknames, not to her real name. Oops!! I think that could quite easily happen with Elisha, except I don’t know how he will pick which name to respond to.

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