Kings Park Take II, Glorious Garden & Caught

Before I get started, Happy 2nd Birthday Romilly!!


Yesterday was a very busy, but beautiful day. Church in the morning. Somehow even though we didn’t get up early and we kind of wandered our way through the morning we made it to church on time. Not early, but on time.

It was Billy’s birthday and he was having an afternoon tea picnic at King’s Park, so after not visiting King’s Park for a very long time, we’ve now been twice in a matter of weeks. We decided to go earlier than the party time so that we could get a parking space without worrying about being late, but also go for a walk. Wow. The wild flowers are out, and they were just spectacular. I was pushing the pram, and pointing out flowers for Brett to take pictures of. Here are some of the best from our short walk.

flower flower2 flower3 flower4 flower5 flower6






How amazing is our God?

The party was wonderful. Billy was spoiled rotten, the ice-cream cake and milk tart were delicious, company was grand, and the play ground was heaps of fun. It was just so nice to be out in the sun with friends in a relaxed environment.

After the picnic we were headed out to pick up something for dinner but decided to pop past Brett’s parents place (Nan and Grandpop) to say hello and change someone’s nappy. I often tell people that they have the most beautiful garden and now I have proof. Here is what met us through the gate.

Something else that happened when we arrived. Someone was very happy and smiley and we caught it on camera.

It just melts my heart.

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