Alas, poor Yorick. He dribbled a lot…

Odds for Elisha’s first word have been rocked by recent events, sending shockwaves through the bookies tables.

He has developed the habit of going from silence to loud bouts of histrionics at the drop of a hat. As a comparison, our friends’ 6 month old daughter will cry quietly and evenly about some unmet need, whereas Elisha will raise his fist to the heavens and exclaim unjustice with a shriek. It was a wise choice, in hindsight, not to call him Elijah, as lacking verbal expression, he may have decided it was just easier to call down fire upon his hapless parents. All of this may point to a career in theatre, or an appearance on the cover of DQ magazine. I’ll leave it to you to work out what that stands for 😉

So here’s how they stand:
Alas! 9/17
Nunoo 5/13 (still suspicious)
Haberdashery 4/13 (here out of hope more than expectation – its such a great word)
Dadda 1/3 (apparently easier to say)
Click-apook-chucka-chucka-clack 1/4 (there doesn’t appear to be a font for ‘Bushman Kalahari’, sadly)
Mumma 1/6
agoo 1/8 (yes, technically not a word, but…)

What’s Your Favourite Berry… and other stuff

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to teach Elisha to blow raspberries. He’s been trying very, very hard, but just not getting the hang of it. Well, he’s finally mastered it. I think the problem now is going to be teaching him when is and isn’t an appropriate time to use this new found skill. He still has quite a bit of work to do in the blowing a raspberry without the loss of great quantaties of drool. But I’m sure he’ll get there.

For those of you who check out the “1000 words” part of this site, I’ve finally updated. I hope to keep this more up to date, as part of the reason for starting it was to make better use of my camera.

I’ve been working at the pie factory again. They still do not have a replacement for me. I haven’t been working much, just a bit showing someone how to do some of the bits and pieces. I hope that I don’t have to go in too much more. It’s been nine months since I let them know that I was pregnant. I hope that they find someone good.

I’ve been getting back into all sorts of things… well some things. I’ve started using my PDA again, which is good. There were a few things in my to do list which I had completely forgotten about. Good thing my Palm has a better memory than me.

Three Months

Dear Elisha,

It doesn’t seem like a month ago I was writing your two month entry. The days have just flown by. You have grown and grown and grown. You’ve gotten so heavy that I can’t carry you around for long periods of time. Not only have you grown physically but the things you do have changed as well.

You are so much more alert now. For the last couple of weeks, for example, I have been trying to teach you to blow a raspberry. You so badly want to do it… you watch me very carefully, and then make your attempt, but as yet have not had success. It is very cute to watch. You have blown raspberries a couple of times, but not when you were trying to copy me. I don’t think you even noticed that you did it.

You have added to the sounds you make (which were “agoo” and the Dutch back of the throat sound) the “b” sound.

You love your play gyms when you aren’t tired and you swing your little arms around and make the toys fly. But when you’re tired you yell at them and get cross when they keep moving.

Sometimes when I put you in your cot during the day and you don’t think you’re tired, but I do, I sometimes hang one of your toys usually “Dog” the dog or “George” the dragon, over the edge to keep you company. You’ll talk to them quite happily for a while, but eventually you get very mad at them. I had no idea why this was, but a few days ago it dawned on me that it is probably because they are sitting there doing nothing. Normally Daddy or I play with them with you. Dog’s ears are used to tickle your face, which is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, or sometimes even a little laugh. And George crinkles, and rattles and kisses your nose. It must be very strange for you to have them just sitting by your face doing nothing. I’ll put a stop to it for you.

Daddy and I read to you sometimes. You seem to like it. You will either look at the book and listen, or you will watch our faces as we read. It’s very distracting. Gran and Opa looked after you yesterday while I went to work for a couple of hours (that’s another story). Apparently you had a bit of a cry at one stage. I think it was when you were starting to get tired. Gran got her little board creation book and read it to you. Apparently you were entranced. We certainly hope that our love for reading is something that you have.

You have us wrapped around your teeny tiny little pinky. But we don’t mind. In church when we are singing you watch your Daddy, I think you like his voice, and it drives him to distraction and laughter. You have such a serious look and then it breaks into a grin when he looks at you.

Physical appearance you may not share with your dad, but the ability to pull funny faces for the camera indeed you do. We were trying to take a picture of you for this entry, and you were in the happiest mood with lots of smiles, but as soon as the camera came out you went dead pan. Not even the tiniest glimmer of a smile to be seen. I think we got one eventually, but it took a lot of coaxing.

I keep forgetting to give you tummy time. Well, not really forgetting as never thinking the time is right. When you wake up you’re quite ready for a feed… NOW, so no time for TT. And with your penchant for not retaining all of a feed, I don’t feel that laying you on your tummy too soon after a meal is for the best. But about the time I feel it is safe to turn you over, you start to get grumpy and need a nap. But we do manage to get a bit of it in here and there. You suffer it to a certain degree, for a little while, and then you’ve had enough. But what you really don’t like is being rolled over onto your back again. That quite often ends in tears.

We have been very blessed that you seem to be a good little sleeper. You don’t sleep through the night consistently, but you’re rarely up more than once. I think you’ve gone up to ten or eleven hours between feeds. I wake you up at six on these mornings, because I can’t sleep any more… I really have to feed you. But I don’t mind getting up during the wee hours to feed you. It’s kind of a special just you and me time, and I know that it wont last forever and I’m going to cherish it while it does last.

I’m sure that I’ve forgotten a thousand things, but these are those that come to mind most readily.

I love you little guy.

xx Mummy xx

The New Bigs and Smalls

Brett and Walks have a plethora of nicknames for each other. Among many is Brett=Bigs and Walks=Smalls. Let me introduce you to the new Bigs and Smalls (Christopher is Smalls & Elisha is Bigs).


I shared a room with Christophers mum while we were both still waiting for our bundles of joy. Christopher was born two days after Elisha, but four weeks prem. With Elisha being big for his age it was accentuated by Christophers littleness.

In other news Elisha has very noticeably started reaching for things today. He’s been doing it on and off, but today he has been doing it over and over.

Party, party, party

Yesterday was Romilly’s birthday party. We had lots of fun. We had lots of food. So did everyone else.

Debs and Leon did a fantastic job.

The party girl, in her party dress, eating party food.

Strike the pose.


The train cake was a huge success. And yummy.


Blowing out the candles with mamma.


Hugs with daddy.


Thinking way in advance, I hope I can pull off a party that goes as smoothly and is as fun for Mr Elisha in ten months or so. Since yesterday was so much fun, I’m really looking forward to it. I need to get me one of those birthday cake books. I don’t know what it is about little kids birthday partys that is so fun. Could it be memories of my own parties, or is it just fun to stop acting your age for a while. I wonder.