What’s Your Favourite Berry… and other stuff

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to teach Elisha to blow raspberries. He’s been trying very, very hard, but just not getting the hang of it. Well, he’s finally mastered it. I think the problem now is going to be teaching him when is and isn’t an appropriate time to use this new found skill. He still has quite a bit of work to do in the blowing a raspberry without the loss of great quantaties of drool. But I’m sure he’ll get there.

For those of you who check out the “1000 words” part of this site, I’ve finally updated. I hope to keep this more up to date, as part of the reason for starting it was to make better use of my camera.

I’ve been working at the pie factory again. They still do not have a replacement for me. I haven’t been working much, just a bit showing someone how to do some of the bits and pieces. I hope that I don’t have to go in too much more. It’s been nine months since I let them know that I was pregnant. I hope that they find someone good.

I’ve been getting back into all sorts of things… well some things. I’ve started using my PDA again, which is good. There were a few things in my to do list which I had completely forgotten about. Good thing my Palm has a better memory than me.

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