Alas, poor Yorick. He dribbled a lot…

Odds for Elisha’s first word have been rocked by recent events, sending shockwaves through the bookies tables.

He has developed the habit of going from silence to loud bouts of histrionics at the drop of a hat. As a comparison, our friends’ 6 month old daughter will cry quietly and evenly about some unmet need, whereas Elisha will raise his fist to the heavens and exclaim unjustice with a shriek. It was a wise choice, in hindsight, not to call him Elijah, as lacking verbal expression, he may have decided it was just easier to call down fire upon his hapless parents. All of this may point to a career in theatre, or an appearance on the cover of DQ magazine. I’ll leave it to you to work out what that stands for 😉

So here’s how they stand:
Alas! 9/17
Nunoo 5/13 (still suspicious)
Haberdashery 4/13 (here out of hope more than expectation – its such a great word)
Dadda 1/3 (apparently easier to say)
Click-apook-chucka-chucka-clack 1/4 (there doesn’t appear to be a font for ‘Bushman Kalahari’, sadly)
Mumma 1/6
agoo 1/8 (yes, technically not a word, but…)

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