Crazy Busy

So much to write but no time now. Just letting you know I’m still around. Girls Brigade is taking up all my time at the moment… well, someone else is taking up a fair amount of time, but I was talking about what’s left over from what he takes. But GBs will be finished next Thursday and things should become a degree or two more calm.

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 93

  1. Childhood::Memories
  2. Ransom::Movie, Mel Gibson
  3. Melissa::K** someone I know
  4. Trust me::No, really, trust me!
  5. Report::Card (I don’t know why I think this when it is quite american)
  6. Give up::Exasperated
  7. Nightgown::Nightie
  8. Smokes::Blerg
  9. Cookies & cream::Ice-cream hmmmmmmm
  10. Gameshow::Host

Not as interesting as they have been recently.

The Answer

Apparently the answer to what you buy for someone who has everything, is track suit pants, socks and a football. I really do wish that I could have come up with something a bit more thoughtful, but I think Elisha has stolen every spare brain cell I have.

I think Brett had a good birthday. The picnic on Saturday was great, and the lunch on Sunday was delicious… Thanks Debs!!!

The only down side to the whole celebration is that Romilly has hurt herself. I’m really, really sorry Romilly, and I hope you feel better very soon.

And here is my effort of a cake…



Don’t forget, tomorrow is Remembrance Day. I don’t have a poppy, but I wont forget.

Elisha has started moving… backwards. When laying on his back he arches himself and slowly inches his way backwards. He managed to scrunch himself into the corner of his Spiderman II couch and fall asleep today.

He fell asleep in his high chair today, it was so cute, but I forgot to take a photo. Naughty mummy.

Had a whole day at home today, in fact this week has been pleasantly unbusy. Tomorrow is back to busyness as usual. 🙂

Don’t forget to remember.


Yesterday I went to Murdoch Mums postnatal group. Except it is next week. *sigh* I’m sure the way I was told to remember it was the second Monday of every month. I guess not always.

We’ll try again next week.

The Joyous Sound of Laughter

Something that I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post about Elisha, is that he is starting to laugh now. It is such a wonderful sound. And it is especially good to be able to remember when he is having a trying day.

Brett’s birthday is looming ever closer, and I still have NO idea of what to get him. All the ideas I have come up with I have told other people for some reason, and now my ability to be creative has dissapeared. Although the creative ideas I have had in the past don’t seem to have gotten much use so far… that is not to say that they wont, just “Not Yet”.

What is a present that you can give someone who has everything?

News in my world

I’ve got a whole list of things in my head that I want to get down without forgetting, so it will not be pretty, but it least it will be out there.

Welcome to the blogging world Debs. I’m looking forward very much to hearing what you have to say.

In Elisha news there is a fair bit to say. Yesterday he pulled the toy on his play gym and made it play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. I was so proud of him. The first comment Brett made when I told him that he had done this was, “He’s growing up so quickly”.

He has this habit when he is laying on his back he grabs one hand with the other and then pulls it down to his mouth, but I don’t think he actually knows that it is his hand he has grabbed.

He has really got the hang of blowing raspberries now. Mostly the type where no tongue is sticking out, just blowing out air (and in his case a LOT of bubbles) from between tightly closed lips.

Today Debs and I left our respective children with our respective husbands and went out… BY OURSELVES. It was a lovely afternoon. We went to Telethon. I took a photo of John Howard (the actor, not politician), but it didn’t work out. Might have been something to do with the fact that I was too embarrassed to go close, so I zoomed in from a distance, and I was also too embarrassed to turn the flash on. I sometimes think I’m going to be emarrassed by silly things. But at the time it seems pretty major.

Upon return we discovered children had not behaved perfectly. I wonder if we’ll ever be let out on our own again.

And here’s this weeks Unconscious Mutterings – Week 92

  1. Small Talk::Chit Chat
  2. Evidence::Evidence of Grace (a segment in most of our church services where someone speaks about how God has been working in their lives).
  3. Drifting::Adrift (a book on my shelf that I’ve never read).
  4. Hostage::Ransom
  5. Beauty::Is in the eye of the beholder
  6. Automatic::Car
  7. Asking for it::Trouble, trouble
  8. Visene::I feel like I should know what this is, and then I think of eyedrops.
  9. No strings attached::Free
  10. Frizz::My hair

Boy I am becoming quite verbose am I not?

D to D and A to A (part II)

This is a continued entry from yesterday. To read the beginning click here

 Lichen Ant_hill_wire RIP 
Some more interesting things that we came across. Lichen. An ant hill built around a piece of barbed wire. Finally, a stone Grandad placed and painted on in memory of Linda. Not quite visible but the actually wording on the stone is “In memory of Linda and”. Very Grandad.

This is Brett’s cousin Sarah’s daughter McKenzie (please let me know if spelling is incorrect) out in the paddock. What a cutie.

This is the view from the backyard of the farmhouse. And then turning around and looking the other way, this is the backyard. You can’t see it too well but there is grass growing up out of the side of the gate. That’s what I was trying to get a shot of.

Buildings Farm_house_back
This is a cupboard and woodpile at the back door. I liked the look of the peeling paint.

Front view of the farmhouse.

This is the laundry window from the inside. Again the peeling paint and the wear and tear held great photographic interest to me (although I will admit I got Brett to take this picture).

That is the end of my photographic entry. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a very special day.

Dust to dust, Ashes to ashes

Today we took a trip down to Bobakine between Clackline (blink and you’ll miss it) and Northam with the rest of the Adams family and the Paisleys to lay Grandad’s ashes to rest.

It was a lovely day. Not too hot, and not windy. Just about perfect, except for the flies. We were subjected to a spectacular lunch, which was heartily devoured by all.

Grandad’s wishes were that half his ashes were to be placed at the base of the roses at the front gate with Grandma, and the other half at the base of the tree where Linda’s ashes were placed.

There is so much history at the farm. Let me share some photos and stories. No particular order, just as the photos were taken. This is going to be quite a long entry. My apologies if that annoys you.


Sarah and Cathy decided they are going to start a new television series – I can’t remember if it was Harold’s Grand-Daughters or Adams’ Grand-Daughters. Script to be submitted soon. 🙂

This is the first half of Grandad’s ashes being scattered by the rose bushes at the gate of the farm house. Grandad built this house, Brett’s dad and Uncle Peter spent part of their childhood there. Brett visited with his parents, and now Elisha has been there too. It is with some amazement that we arrive there each time to see the roses still alive, and this time they were even in bloom.


Where Brett was standing when he was taking this photo is the door to the sleepout. Unlce Peter and Dad used to sleep here in the summer when it was warm. As you can see there are grape vines all along the verandah. Dad was telling us that he used to sneak out at night and get a midnight feast of the sultanas that were right next to the room. Again we were amazed at the health of these plants in neglect. The sultanas especially were quite abundant with new fruit, unfortunately not yet ripe enough to eat.

This is what is left of the incubating hut next to the remains of Linda’s childhood home (more about Linda later). Linda made the mud bricks and built this hut herself.

This is the ruins of the house where Linda grew up. Linda was Grandad’s second wife – I’m not sure how old he was when he married her (if anyone that reads this knows please inform me via comments at the bottom of this entry). The interesting thing about Linda is that Grandad was actually courting her before he met, courted and wed Grandma. But Grandad’s father put a stop to the romance the first time around. How different things would have been if he hadn’t. The land where the house is was later aquired by Grandad or his father (I can’t remember who). No-one is sure why, but apprently Grandad burnt down the rest of the remains of the building at some stage.

 Tree Tree_ii
This is the tree (incubator in background) where the second half of Grandad’s ashes were scattered. This is also where half of Linda’s ashes were placed by Grandad after she passed away. Behind the photographer of this photo used to be a tennis court. Grandad and Linda would play tennis here and the tree is the spot where they used to say “Good-Bye” to each other at the end of a day. The second photo is the tree again on the left side of the picture, with the view out from there.

 Wagon Wagon_wheel
This is an abandoned wagon. One of these wheels was claimed by mum and dad and is now a feature in their garden. Can you spot it?

  Rubbish Rubbish_ii Blades
A pile of abandoned bits and pieces, makes for interesting photography.

 Elisha_exhausted Tired
The day was just too much for a little somebody.

And now it is late and I will finish this tomorrow.