D to D and A to A (part II)

This is a continued entry from yesterday. To read the beginning click here

 Lichen Ant_hill_wire RIP 
Some more interesting things that we came across. Lichen. An ant hill built around a piece of barbed wire. Finally, a stone Grandad placed and painted on in memory of Linda. Not quite visible but the actually wording on the stone is “In memory of Linda and”. Very Grandad.

This is Brett’s cousin Sarah’s daughter McKenzie (please let me know if spelling is incorrect) out in the paddock. What a cutie.

This is the view from the backyard of the farmhouse. And then turning around and looking the other way, this is the backyard. You can’t see it too well but there is grass growing up out of the side of the gate. That’s what I was trying to get a shot of.

Buildings Farm_house_back
This is a cupboard and woodpile at the back door. I liked the look of the peeling paint.

Front view of the farmhouse.

This is the laundry window from the inside. Again the peeling paint and the wear and tear held great photographic interest to me (although I will admit I got Brett to take this picture).

That is the end of my photographic entry. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a very special day.

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