Only 1 week and 5 days late… Four Months

Dear Elisha,

I have been so busy the last few weeks and I am very sorry for the amount of time you have had to spend alone because of this. You have been so good considering. I hope that now Girls Brigade is finished we will get to spend a bit more time together. Thank you for being so good and letting me get stuff done.

So what have you been up to this month, apart from spending time alone? Plenty, that is for sure. Your hair is starting to thicken up quite a bit and the bald patch on the back of you head is not so defined as it has been in the past. Who knows, soon you might have more hair than Daddy. I think part of the reason for this is that you are spending more time sitting up. No not on your own, but in your pram, your high-chair and rocker. You are also doing much better with tummy time. In fact sometimes when you are crying and I roll you over onto your tummy, the crying stops.

Speaking of rolling, you are helping me to roll you over now. I will help to push you over and you put in effort to help. Not sure how much your effort actually achieves, but at least you are trying. At the same time as trying to encourage you to roll, I am very thankful for each day that you’re not on the move, because it means I can take a pretty safe bet that you have not changed location in my absence.

Although you may not be moving backwards or forwards, or rolling sideways, this doesn’t mean that you’re not moving at all. In fact this is what I found the other day when I had put you down for a nap…

Obviously this is not how I put you in the bed. You’d moved 90 degrees from the direction I’d laid you in as well as going to the other end of the bed. You hasn’t done it since. You does do it a little on the lounge room floor, but you haven’t done it in bed again.

Everything that you get in your hands goes directly to your mouth. You’ve got this mouth-hand co-ordination pretty worked out. Except sometimes when the object in your hands is strangely shaped, or too big, or moves around easily (like your plastic keys) it doesn’t make it to your mouth, and this frustrates you immensely and you yell at the object, and if that doesn’t work you are quite often moved to tears.

Your favourite toys to chew on are probably “George” the dragon, and your cloth book. You have a very interesting reading style… the book is usually scrunched up and pushed into your mouth, or otherwise you grab it and smoosh it right up against your face.

The art of raspberry blowing has definitely been taken to the next level during this month. You will quite happily ammuse yourself for the better part of a half hour blowing raspberries. Daddy and I will ususally respond in kind, though we have decided we had better not do this all the time or you will think that this is a proper and normal method of communication. Something you have learned about raspberry blowing is that it works MUCH better with a thumb or fingers in the mouth.

Raspberry blowing also results in a high volume of drool. Sometimes when you are in your car seat blowing raspberries there is a veritable pool of it. Hence, and also because you are known to “spit up” at any time between feeds, your spew rag is your constant friend. Where ever you are, it tends to be. Some children might have comfort blankies, or ribbons or a favourite toy. Elisha, you are going to have a spew rag. Well, it isn’t really a rag, but a flannelette nappy, new when you were born, but they are getting a good work out.

You are now sitting forward in your car seat. Grandpop bought a new vehicle, a lovely white Ford Courier, and it has an anchor point for a car seat. So Daddy and Grandpop took you for a ride in it. I told Daddy that seing as he was taking the car seat out of the car he might as well switch it around, because you were heavy enough to do so. It has certainly made putting you in and getting you out of the car a whole lot easier. Don’t have to lift you over the straps any longer. Mind you, I still have to put you into your seat by feel, because the car is so low I cannot duck my head in with you in my arms. So I place you in your seat without being able to see you. Most times the end result is okay, but there are days where you need some adjustment. And when putting you in your car seat the spew rag must always be close at hand, for it is almost guaranteed that you will bring a little up. Let’s hope that one stops before too long.

You are still growing at a rate of knots, and your measurments are still up around the 97th percentile. You had your four month injections a couple of weeks ago and Dr S said that you were too big for your age and asked if I was supplementing formula or giving any solids. NO and NO. And don’t worry, I don’t think you are too big. I think Dr S is from the old school. Most people will now tell you that you cannot overfeed a breastfed baby, and I agree with this.

Because of your steady growth you are going through clothes very quickly. You are starting to grow out of some of your 00 and into 0s. This is completely okay with me as my favourite thing to do is buy you new clothes. I love buying you “little boy” clothes. And they really do make you look like a little boy. It is amazing how different clothes can make you look. Put you in a white grow suit and you are still a bubby, little boy clothes and “hey presto” you are transformed.

You were so good when you had your injections. I decided to be brave this time and take you by myself. Dr S did both injections in one leg. You didn’t make a sound for the first needle, although you did look a little surprised. The second time round you gave a pained cry but that was it. Which meant that Dr S had to squeeze your mouth open to give you the drops. You were not impressed about those. Your expression was one of disgust.

On Sundays you have started going to creche. The first couple of times I left you there, I don’t think I heard a word of the sermon. I was listening for sounds in the hallway of someone coming to get me. I think I’ve had to come and get you once, but you were due for a feed so that was okay.

A few weeks ago was Brigade Sunday, and I had to talk at the front of church. When you heard my voice you really started up. I have no idea if it was the fact that you were due for a feed, or because of the strange sound of my voice coming out of the speakers that set you off. Daddy took you out quick smart, which was good because it was very distracting for me, I wanted to come and make you happy.

You are happy most of the time. But you have your moments, or sometimes you even have your days. I have to keep reminding myself that you are just a baby and I cannot expect adult behaviour from you.

We have a little bed time routine going. Daddy or I will get you ready for bed, clean nappy, appropriate clothing for sleep. Then we sing you your bedtime prayer. This is the same prayer that I used to sing when I was a little girl. You think it is great, and give the biggest grins, which makes it very hard for daddy and I to continue singing.

You started smiling quite soon after you were born, but you have not been much of a laugher. In fact it was not until last night that Daddy heard you really and truly laugh for the very first time. But if you are in the right frame of mind I have found something that works. “Peek-a-boo”. Your laugh would have to be the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

Right now you are sitting on my lap hiccuping and I think you are just dying to type something, but I am a mean mummy and don’t believe that the keyboard is an appropriate toy. 🙂

I love you baby, and am looking forward to what thisfifth month brings.

xx Mummy xx

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