Dear Elisha,

It certainly doesn’t feel like a whole month since your last monthly update. That’s probably because it wasn’t. Enough silliness now, down to business.

This has been one very busy month for you my boy. Let’s see what we’ve packed into it. Girls Brigade wind up party, Girls Brigade awards night, divisional AGM, two tupperware parties, a trip to Melbourne, a wedding in Melbourne, a family get together (in Melbourne), Grandpop’s 60th party, a 1st birthday party, a baptism, Uncle Gerry’s birthday supper, your four month injections, christmas shopping, a mother’s group christmas picnic, a photo with Santa, a photo shoot with your two cousins and plenty more which I’m sure I’ve forgotten. We’ve been very busy little beavers to say the least. You also had your very first Big Bath. It was great fun.

 BathHead EatingBubbles
You met lots of family members for the first time, and got to catch up with Oma and Unce Gerry.

And yet, you’ve still found time to grow and develop in so many ways. Yesterday you discovered volume, and then it broke on loud. Today you learned that you could blow a raspberry using your tongue, a couple of times you even laughed at yourself . The only comment I have about this new raspberrying technique is (and you may quote me on this); “It’s a lot wetter”.

You’re still not rolling, but getting ever so close. I’m sure it wont be too much longer. I think the whole learning to roll thing was put on hold while we were in Melbourne. You were cooped up in pram/car seat/people’s arms for so very much of the time, I’m not at all surprised. But you coped so very well with everything. The plane trips were actually pretty okay. I was worried about having THE crying baby on the plane, but I reckon all up on the way over you might have cried in a manner that could be considered annoying for about all of ten minutes, on the way back was a little more, but nothing excrutiating.

Your little outfit for the wedding was just so cute. I’m not going to post it here because if the weather is suitable (funny that that word has those two meanings) that’s what you will be wearing to Uncle Walks and Aunty Kerryn’s wedding. We don’t want to spoil the cuteness. All you need now is a top hat and cane.

You did give us a bit of a fright the night of the wedding. You were grimbling (no that’s not a spelling mistake) in your motel cot (which I don’t think would have passed Australian standards by a looooong shot) and I went in to pick you up and feed you. Except when I got you up out of the cot you started screaming. And not just screaming but REALLY SCREAMING. I tried to get you to feed to settle you but you were not having a bar of it, instead thrashing around, red in the face SCREAMING. I was quite scared, I couldn’t calm you, none of the normal tricks were working. I stood there in the lounge rocking you and singing, talking trying to soothe you but you just SCREAMED and SCREAMED. When Daddy and Gran finally emerged from their bedrooms (we were sharing an apartment at the motel) not only were you SCREAMING but I was in tears. Daddy took you and tried to calm you, no joy. Then he changed your nappy, you SCREAMED. He picked you up again. You SCREAMED. I can’t remember what he did next but yep you guessed it you SCREAMED. Eventually instead of SCREAMING you started SCREAming and I managed to get you to start feeding and then you were okay. Which is a good thing because Daddy and I were about ready to get in the car and find the nearest hospital. I don’t know how we would have gotten you in your carseat in that state though. I honestly thought that you were going to choke or vomit, the force of the SCREAMING was that intense. If you remember tell me what was up when you can talk.

I’m sure I said last month that you were grabbing at things more purposefully, and it seems to have progressed a step further. You’ve started to put your hands out when you want something that is not being dangled right in front of your face. You also arch your back when someone starts to pick you up, which is very helpful. Maybe I didn’t say anything last month, I just had a quick look and couldn’t see anything.

You are very fascinated by that little boy your mummy is holding in the mirror. You reach out to touch him, but he’s not there. And then you go and get all shy at him.

Your new favourite toy is your watermelon. We bought this in Melbourne, it is a coloured water filled teething toy. The first time we gave it to you, you were crying (Note – not SCREAMING) and the instant it went into your mouth you went silent. You chew on it, and suck on it, and drool all over it and everything else with in a fifty foot radius. The toy is even better when it is cold.

Mummy was very mean and when she was speaking to Gran on the phone told her that you were laying on your rug quite happily chewing away on a piece of watermelon. Well, she had a pink fit. “You can’t give a baby watermelon, he’s too little”.

We also discovered that you don’t like barking dogs. When we were visiting Uncle Peter and Aunty Judith in Melbourne Rex had a bit of a bark because you were getting more attention than he was. You pulled your very cute, but also very heart wrenching sad face, took a big gasp of air and then wailed. You were inconsoleable for a couple of minutes. Then it happened again with Rex when we were visiting Jeannie and Marcus.

And then again when you were being baby sat by Mrs de Haan. I think we’re going to have to toughen you up a little my son.

You are now the proud owner of a passport. After much ado we finally filled the forms in correctly, got the photos the right size and signed, got an interview and hey presto!! A passport. You little globetrotter, you.

When I went to take you to get your four month immunisation Dr S. commented on how big you were. In fact I think he said you were too big. Then he asked if you were bottle or breast fed, and then if I was supplementing or giving you solids. I don’t think he believed that you could be that big on mother’s milk only. But you are. We’re going to take you to be measured tomorrow, I’m very interested to see what we see.

Back to the immunisations for a moment. These were done at just after four months of age, so quite nearly a month ago. You still have little lumps in your leg where you had them. Poor Boo.

Well, these are the things that I can think of to tell you in my current, very tired, state of mind. Let’s see where (apart from Austria) the next month takes us.

I love you my little (big) man.

Mummy xx

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