The End of an Era (or the Wilderness Club Closes its Doors)

Tomorrow is the end of an era. And the beginning of something new and fantastic. Chris and Kerryn are getting hitched. Congratulations guys. We wish you all the best. May you grow together in love and grace.

We are praying for you that the day goes smoother than some of the preparations have gone, and we assure you in years to come you wont remember the stress of it. Well at least we don’t remember being stressed.

Elisha doesn’t like the hot, muggy weather. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of freezing cold weather. I can’t believe that we are leaving on Sunday… like four days from now. Hopefully while we are away we will be able to get online and I’ll leave some updates as to how things are going.

This morning I was playing with Elisha on the floor and I rolled him onto his tummy. He didn’t move his arm out from under him properly so this doedsn’t really count… but he rolled back onto his back. I got so excited, it was very sad, and he gave me a big grin.

The other big thing in his life, not that he knows it yet, is that we are considering moving him onto solids. His poor old parents are debating all the pros and cons of it, but really don’t know what to do. It would be so much easier in Austria if he was only breastfeeding. But if this waking during the night thing is happening because he is ready to move onto something more substantial, then I think solids is better than broken sleep. The recommended age for introducing solids is now six months. But over the years this has varied a great deal. I read somewhere this morning that at one stage first foods were introduced within hours of birth!!! But he is displaying a lot of the signs that he is ready. I am hoping that the mother-care nurse is at the chemist on Friday and I will go in and ask her.

It feels strange to be thinking about giving him food that isn’t from me. I can’t explain the feeling, but it is there.

Well not sure how much time I’m going to have to get back here before we go away. Oh, hang on I just realised I haven’t said anything at all about our Christmas. It was fantastic. We all got lovely, lovely presents, the food was good, and the company was even better. Elisha had fun eating his presents open, and I am sure next year he will be a bit more aware of what is going on. (This includes Boxing Day too).

Hope you all had a good Christmas too.

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