Photo Entry from Austria

Well here is the long promised photo entry from Austria… it could take a bit of time to load up, so I apologise in advance for that, but hope you enjoy nevertheless. There could also be more photos of a certain little someone, than of Austria. *blush*

His Royal Rugged Up Cuteness

When we first went out into the cold, and put Elisha in the bag, in the pram, with his little blue hat on, Brett and I were in fits of giggles (well I was giggling, I’m not sure what the male equivilant is). He was so cute. (I think you’re going to hear that a lot this entry).

Found Snak Pak

Brett’s long lost friend. For his thoughts about this, see his entry here. I think the idea of the bee was so that you could tell how big the dessert was… pity the bee is not a standard sized object, but so you can hazard a guess it is a wrist rattle for Elisha.


When we were on the train near the end of our stay, I sat with Elisha on my lap next to a man who decided to speak to me (because as you know Elisha is cute). All I heard was, “German, German, German, German Schlumpf”. And would you believe I know what Schlumpf means. It is Smurf. Now how I know that is completely another story.

St Stephan’s
 SS2 SS1

I think my comment in the entry from this day was, “Wow”. And I just have to say it again. “WOW”. I have more photos of St Stephan’s on another day. One thing that I haven’t captured here properly is the spires. The spire you can see (and which is being restored) is the larger of the two. Originally both were to be the same size, but as it happened money ran out and the second one had to be finished a little less grand. Overall it was still pretty impressive to me though.

Pretty Horsies all in a Row

One of the touristy things to do in Vienna is to go for a horse and carriage ride around the city. This mode of transport can be seen lining up all over the place. We didn’t go for a ride, but I coulnd’t resist taking a snap.

Sights around Wien
Statue1       Statue7 Vienna1 Statue6 Statue5 Statue4 Statue3 Statue2 Statue1

I just loved walking around the city, down every street, around every corner, there was something to snap.


…or someone like that. Where there are tourists, there is money you know. It was freezing and he was standing out in the cold, cold wind.

And so was he, and I don’t even know who he is supposed to be. Brrrr. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

St Stephan’s Strikes Again
  SS5 SS4 SS3

We did take more photos than this of the inside, but we didn’t use the flash, so they didn’t come out properly, so even these ones have been lightened a lot, so you can see the detail. It felt strange to use the flash in the church, it was so quiet and contemplative. The first time we went it was mass, and we couldn’t get into the main area of the church, so we came back later. The whole building is full of all sorts of decorations, statues, pictures and so on.

I’ve decided that I’d better do this in installments… so you’ll just have to wait for more pictures of Elisha. 🙂

Just some very quick notes to remind me of stuff to write about

sunday – cross country and fondue
another injury (no not brett)
snow in vienna
almost falling over


Dear Elisha,

Yes I realise what I am about to say is not all that original, but it is just so true… I can’t believe it is half a year since you arrived into the world. I can still remember lying there and hearing you cry, which made me start to cry, and then Dr. S bringing you around for Daddy and I to have a look at you. It was an amazing moment. One that I hope we never forget.

Just looking at you now, you have changed so much since then. Almost every day you are learning new things to do.

Over the last month you’ve been travelling overseas. In fact we are still in Austria, but are heading home later this week. I think during the time we have been here, you have picked up some bad habits, but we are planning on changing that. I reckon you are in for a bit of a shock when we get back to Perth. Because we have been staying in hotels, we have not been letting you cry much, which means when you wake in the night, you have been fed back to sleep, and when you have been grumpy, just about everything imagineable has been tried to distract you and keep you quiet. I do feel a bit sorry for you though, you’re only little and are intitled to making a bit of noise.

Being in a different culture I thought it was my motherly duty to indulge in a bit more meaness… but of course the evidence is in photographic form and will have to wait until we get home. I’m planning on doing a photo entry soon after we get back. Basically you are the proud (or is that embarrassed? owner of your very own pair of lederhosen, and the whole shebang.

You have started on solid foods during this month. I am kind of relieved that we have not been in Perth as I have not been to the health nurse so she hasn’t been able to tell me off for letting you start before you were six months of age. And I know toilet humour is not all that pleasant, but I can’t resist… that potato we fed you LAST WEEK… has not reappeared. I’m sure it is not all that often that parents pray for a dirty nappy, but that is what is happening around here at the moment. I don’t particularly want it to happen on the plane. So we’ll be hoping it makes and appearance either before or after our travels back home.

Your newest sound at the moment is “B”. Daddy and I were so proud of you when you first did it. You also like smacking your lips open and closed which makes that muted popping sound (if anyone who knows what I am talking about can think of a better description of the sound please feel free to leave a comment). Sometimes you are extremely pleased with yourself when you make certain sounds. Since “B” happened, we’ve been working on “mmmmm”, but it has’t been heard yet.

Something you’ve taken up doing, which is a bit strange is rocking. When you are sitting on someone’s lap you like to rock back and forth quite violently. This can be quite dangerous for the person on whose knees you are sitting. I’m surprised that I am not covered in bruises from my chest up. You have made some very nice impacts with my face, which brought tears to my eyes. You are getting much quicker at making a grab for things which means we have to be much more careful with what we let get in your range. I am currently sporting a lovely scratch very near my eye thanks to those swift little fingers of yours.

Sometimes the rocking thing is a little embarrassing. I’m not sure why, perhaps it is just the force with which you do it. I am sure I’ll get over it very quickly.

Tags, tags, tags. You love them, and quite often they keep you occupied for longer than the actual toy that they are a part of. I’m not sure if this is something that all kids do, or if it is just a quirk that you have. I’ll have to try to ask someone (another mum or dad) to find out.

I am sure that there is so much more that I should be writing about, but I just cannot think what it is. I think my brain is already upstairs packing suitcases.

I love you so much little man.

Here’s to another six months

xx Mummy xx


I made a snowman. Yes, he may only stand twenty centimetres high, but he’s still a snowman. Hopefully today I might get to make a bigger one with some help. Still trying to get into the old town of Innsbruck for a bit of touristy stuff. The number of days left here are flying by.


How much fun is this game? We played it a couple of nights ago. Have added some very important words to our vocabulary.

Urticate: to whip with a whip.
Didelphic: to have a reproductive system the same as a female kangaroo.

Brett has already used some of the words in his day to day dribble, I mean, speech.

Today is very wintery indeed. Lots and lots of snow. Not sure what we are going to do. May consider going to Innsbruck later today. Not sure.

Fulpmes & Innsbruck

As I was saying, it has been a bit hard to get on the computers, hence the lack of entries. My apologies.

Mind you, even with two days and no entry I don’t have an awful lot to write about. We have had some very nice, relaxing days. Visited the next town down – Fulpes twice and Innsbruck yesterday.

When we went to Fulpmes on Tuesday, my plan was to have lunch, and then spend a bit of time wandering around. Lunch was good. Wandering took all of ten minutes. Fulpmes, just happens to not be all that big.

Went shopping in Innsbruck, and was very tempted to buy Elisha some clothes for winter coming in Australia, but just don’t know what sye he is going to be. And it was on sale too!!!

Got a beautiful picture of Elisha this morning. It was snowing, and so I turned his highchair around so that he could watch it, and he had Lambikins in his arm, and they were watching it together. *sigh* So cute.

Spoke to a lady from Brussels today, with much not understood, but managed to work out that she and her friends thought that Elisha was nine months old!!! Hmmm, not quite.

Well Elisha is signalling (through the baby monitor – very glad we brought that with us) that it is time for me to sign off. I’ll get back here when I am able.

You Say Potarto, I Say Potayto and He Says “B”

Yesterday Elisha had potato. He wasn’t too impressed with it at all, but he slept through last night. He’ll be having it again tonight. See if we can keep that up.

In other news he has started making the “B” noise. He is very pleased with himself.

This has to be short as we are about to head out for the day. Hopefully I’ll get back here in a bit more detail later.

Much Ado About Nothing

We’ve not been doing much and I’m going to tell you all about it. I’m using the Taylor’s computer now, and they have a normal keyboard, and guess what, I’m typing like I’m using the Deutch keyboard… so once again, expect mistakes.

Yesterday we didn’t do very much at all, and it was lovely. Had breakfast, Dave and Chelsea left, we put Elisha down for a much needed nap and then spent some time in the Taylor’s apartment, watching the downhill, then we had lunch all together, after which the Adams’ departed to their own room and had a nap.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the Dorfkrug again, so that everyone could sample the much heard about chocolate milkshake, and yes it was just as good.

Dinner last night was fantastic, a buffet, and would you believe it I wasn’t actually all that hungry, which is actually quite suprising as just about the whole time that we have been here I have been hungry. With Elisha feeding every two seconds, and the cold weather what else could you expect.

After dinner had a bit of a chat, and then retired for the evening.

Today is following a pretty similar pattern at the moment. Breakfast then the rest of Helen’s touring group left and the Taylors went to church. Brett and I went to the apartment and listened to a sermon tape, back up to our room Elisha had a sleep.

We’ve just come back from lunch down in Telfes, and now we’re having a bit of a relax. Don’t think we’re doing much tonight. I think we had better do something tomorrow though. Hmmmm, I wonder what we might do?

I’m feeling very neglected… someone leave a comment please, it has been days since I’ve had one!!!