In which I have several topics to discuss and can’t think of an appropriate title.

So you need proof that the Wilderness Club is Closed. Okay, here it is.

I went a bit crazy with the camera on the day, and this is probably my favourite photo of the day.

And next, and I know you’ve all been dying to see this, here is my little man in all his cuteness. I did not get a good photo of him in his full tails, so if anyone has one could you please kindly e-mail it to me?

Congratulations Chris and Kerryn!! It was a beatiful day and I know that everyone we spoke to really enjoyed sharing the day with you. Hope you have a great time away. see you when you get back.

Speaking of His Cuteness, he rolled over this morning. From his tummy to his back. I know I wrote that he did it the other day, but as I said it didn’t really count as he hadn’t been properly rolled onto his tummy to start with. Although this roll was somewhat assissted I do believe that this one counts. He was playing with his aquarium toy (Christmas present from Aunty Cathy) while on his tummy – trying to lick it actually, and everytime he did, it slid a bit further away from him, so he would stretch to reach it, until it was so far away that he sort of twisted to the side, and then he forgot to hold up his head, so he was lying twisted on the floor with his head down, and voila – he rolled. *sigh* I was so proud.

Took Elisha to the doctors yesterday as he has had very bad nasal congestion, and we wanted to be sure that it was okay to take him on the aeroplane tomorrow (OH MY GOODNESS – TOMORROW!!!!!!!). The doctor checked him over thoroughly, and the only complaint Elisha seems to have is his nose, his ears, chest, temperature and all the rest are fine. The doctors prognosis was… “If it was me I’d risk it”.

We are not particularly ready to go. But I’m sure that by tomorrow we will be. Just have to hope that somewhere is open today, as there are a few bits and pieces I need to pick up.

Last night, New Years Eve, we had a NYE bash… an early one, which finished well before midnight. But it was great fun, and I think all the kiddies enjoyed themselves. Which has just reminded me that we’ve left the paddling pool out in the backyard. Better make sure that gets seen to before we leave.

Had a yummy barbecue, and then some trifle for dessert. Yum, yum, yum. I love trifle. I hope that I’m allowed to say that when I made the trifle. No modesty here.

So a happy new year to you all. All the best with keeping your new years resolutions in 2005. Although I do ask the question, how many of these resolutions are the same as you have made for new years previous? I’m not making any this year. I’ll work at things, but no resolution.

Finally here is a late bit of Christmas fun.

 HappyChristmas ChristmasCruelty
I don’t think I’ll get back here before we go, (although you just never know) so hopefully my next entry will be from Austria. See you all soon.

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