Is that Austria or Australia

While walking the streets of Vienna, I’ve noticed several things that have reminded me of home. The first was an “Australian” Pub. They served Fosters.

The second was a t-shirt in a shop window. It had a yellow traffic sign with a kangaroo on it. I did quite a double take when I saw it, but then noticed the writing underneath. No kangaroos in Austria.

The third wasn’t walking the streets of Vienna, but here in our home away from home in the hotel room. Last night Brett bought a bag of nappies for Elisha. This afternoon when changing his nappy I pulled the very first one from the bag, and what should be on the front panel but two furry koalas. I had to laugh.

Elisha has been good today, which is a real blessing considering that Brett and I are both still quite jet-lagged. Here’s to hoping that we get a little bit more sleep tonight than last night. Brett is very busy trying to convince me that no-one is going to hear him unless he is absolutely screaming. I think I will remain unconvinced unless I can get a key to one of the adjoining rooms and conduct a scream test myself.

Things (food namely) in Austria is not cheap. Today, deciding we were hungry and deciding we would not repeat our effort of Maccas from yesterday, we endeavoured to find another suitable eatery to satisfy our hunger. Don’t ask me why, but we ended up at a book-shop cafe. Two small rolls, and a cafe latte and fanta later = €12,30. Yeouch. That is almost $25 in Australian currency. My fanta was €2,30 (or something very close to that anyway), now that may not sound TOO bad, but it was only 200mL. I was very surprised when I went to pour more into my glass and nothing came out.

Something that I have noticed that is very different to home is smoking. It is permitted almost everywhere. Our hotel rooms are smoke free which is nice, but most eating places allow it, and it is very noticeable, I guess more so because we aren’t exposed to a lot of it at home.

The other thing that is a bit weird is not being able to understand anything anyone says. After our expensive meal at the book shop cafe Brett went shopping. Yes, in an Austrian book shop. Can anyone guess what he purchased. That’s right, Brett couldn’t possibly visit Austria without trying to learn the language. Normally he starts right after he gets home, but this time he’s getting a head start.

Well, I think that is all to report right now… til next time.

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