We Made It

Gruß gott. I just had to use that double s thing because I could. Mind you there could be a lot of spelling and punctuation errors in this entry because the keyboard is different, and it is taking a bit of getting used to.

Yes, we made it. We are extremely tired, but safe and for the most part well, and I am sure that the tiredness will fade quickly, not to reappear again until we get back and go through the jet lag again.

Elisha was the best little boy on the aeroplane. Yes he did cry and carry on a little, but that is to be excpected with almost twenty hours of being cooped up. In that twenty hours he probably didn’t even achieve a total of an hour’s worth of crying that could be considered annoying.

Last night however, was a completely different story. We are assuming that because we didn’t hear any of the other guests in the hotel, that he was not heard too much.

Brett and I collapsed into bed at about six, after a gargantuan effort to stay awake. Elisha had slept from about one-thirty til fivish when I woke him for a feed. He then went down again and we went to bed.

Then he was up at ten had a feed and went down. Up at one-forty-five and down again… then it started. Up at three, three thirty til five, six til seven thirty. Then slept for a while. Right now, he is tired, but not wanting to go to sleep. We’ve just been down for breakfast, during which he made a small performance. No-one was giving him dirty looks (which is the second reason that I’m assuming he was not heard to much last night) but it was hard to concentrate and enjoy breakfast. Brett has just taken him back up to our room, while I am doing this.

We took a stroll into Vienna yesterday afternoon – it was freezing!!! But we seemed to have chosen the correct gear for Elisha as he was fine. I think todaz mummy and daddy will be putting on another layer or two.

Anyhoo, I’d best go check on my two boys. I wont be able to put any photos up until we get to Telfes… and only maybe then.

When I get another chance I’ll fill in some more details. If you want to know anything in particular leave your question in the comments and I’ll reply.

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