St Stephen’s Cathedral


We ventured out and about again today, which I think was very brave given the stormy Elisha conditions earlier in the morning. We decided to try out the train, as we may catch the train to the station we need to get to to go to Innsbruk (that’s not spelled right, but I’ve no idea of the correct spelling and too lazy to find out).

It was fairly easy, though I will say that I think our main complication will be whether the station we are heading to has a lift. A couple of the places we went to today did not which was very interesting… Tara nearly falling down the stairs behind a pram. No Brett wasn’t being lazy, I’m not comfortable walking down the stairs (or up for that matter) with Elisha. So I get the pram.

After getting to the station that we wanted for St Stephen’s we went up the lift and out around the corner and WOW, there it was. Amazing. I reallz can’t put into words what I thought. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a building like that.

We went inside too. Just so much detail to almost every little part of the building. When we returned later Brett went down into the catacombs, I stayed up with the pram and Elisha. It sounds like it was quite interesting down there. While Brett was gone Elisha threw a major wobbly. I was most embarrassed as the general feeling in the church is sombre and silent – and then – Elisha. I walked as fast as I could without running and causing even more of a scene, til we were right at the back of the church, and then I took him out of his pram. He was quite happy to be out, so that was alright.

He’s been quite the little angel this afternoon since we got home. I fed him and we put him on the floor, and he played while I went to the closest Spar to get something for dinner, and he was still happy when I got back. Then shortly after that he fell asleep… without crying first.

I should point out that I realise it sounds like I’m complaining a lot, and I apologise for that. We are having a wonderful time, and I think that Elisha will get better with each day. He is probably having quite a rough trot… way out of time, way out of normal weather, no routine to speak of, being cooped up in the one room or his pram. He really is being good considering.

Not sure what we are going to do today we might go to the Hoffburg, which is where we were headed when we decided it might be better for Elisha to go home. We did pass through the centre of it all, and it looks pretty amazing too.

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