The Daily Elisha Update

Fine overnight, extremely stormy morning. Wear earplugs to bed if you expect to be in a two mile radius. Well it wasn#t very funny at the time, and I think I would be able to see more of the funny side if he would go to sleep.

Sleep wise he did so much better last night. Had his last feed at five and didn#t wake til two. Then down again til four, and he#s been pretty much awake from then til now (which reminds me ignore the time of posting at the bottom of the entry as it is still set to Perth time).

Last night for dinner we had pizza (from a pizza and kebab bar down the street). Brett said he ordered the pizza with the most ingredients listed. So imagine my suprise when he lifted the lid and there appeared a pizza which to me appeared to have two ingredients… onion and tuna. I was set straight by Brett who informed me that the cheese and tomato paste are also listed ingredients. But, I have to let you know it was a very yummy pizza.

I have to keep this short, because I don’t know if anyone is waiting to use the computer. The internet “lounge” here at the hotel consists of one computer and printer at a desk in the cafe.

PS We were going to go to the cafe for dinner last night but then discovered it is onlz a breakfast cafe. Strange.

Well out for some adventures, will let you know about it later.

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