He Bit Me

Ye-ouch!!! And my first reaction was to smack him. Fortunately, as I was going to smack him I was also recognising that this is not what I wanted to do and the strength that I ended up using was about the same as I usually use to pat him on the bottom when I’m trying to soothe him. Scary what first reactions can be like.

Partly due to the fact that he slept better, and partly because mum and dad realised he needs to come out of the pram sometimes, Elisha had a much better day today.

We went back into Vienna and had a look at the Hoffburg. Again I say Wow. Just the sheer magnitude of everything is overwhelming. We had a look one of the museums there. Sorry, can’t remember what it was called.

We looked at the Ephesus museum and the Armour and Weaponry museum. Some amazing stuff there. Personally the buildings are what inspire me with awe. To think that people built these. And the sculptures. They are just so huge, and everywhere. Makes Perth look like a sad little historyless place (I love Perth though, don’t get me wrong).

I keep telling Brett that he should make an entry, because I know that he appreciates things differently to me. I’ll try to get him to come down here a bit later.

We ate really well today… not.

Breakfast, bread, egg, meat and cheese. Oh, and a banana. Lunch was hot chocolate and strudel, and then second half of lunch was hot chocolate and cake. That was sort of because of the timing. To early and late for lunch, and not really anywhere close by where something more substantial and cheap could be purchased.

During the second half of lunch I fed Elisha, and after he was satiated and sitting on my lap, he was staring at this group of people. And almost every time I turned to look at what he was looking at, they were also looking back at him. After ten minutes or so it was getting slightly embarrassing.

Not sure what we are going to do for dinner tonight, I think Brett is going to go for a bit of a recon a little later and see if he can find something which is open. You see today is a public holiday. Epiphany. Did you know that the twelve days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day and finish today with Epiphany.

Click here for a description of what Epiphany is. The first or second day we were here we were having lunch in *cough cough* MacDonalds when this group of children dressed up as wisemen and elephants came in and were singing/chanting and asking for money. We didn’t give them any as we didn’t have any idea what they were doing. Now I wish we had have.

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