Brett Does Salmonella in Vienna

(Other possible title for this entry way “History Revisited”) Well, not really, but we thought maybe. Thursday night we were adventurous and had Viennese Chinese for dinner. Changs Noodle House takeaway. Very yummy. Looked fine too. But for some reason I found myself thinking, please do not let us get sick. Last night after a very busy day, we got back to the hotel, and Brett said he felt ill. He laid down to see if he could ward it off, this being about four o’clock in the afternoon and that was it for him for the rest of the evening. Hence my lack of entry. He wasn’t actually ill, just felt it. Let us hope that is the end of that… and be very thankful that it is.

Upon our return from sightseeing for the day Brett’s comment to me was, “I think we can safely say Elisha did NOT like Shonbrunn Palace”. He wriggled and complained the whole way through… and when we got out he was happy. We thought that he might be hungry, so feeding was attmepted on several occassions, hunkered down behind the pram as a stream of tourists passed through the room. I am proud and slightly embarrassed to tell you all that I have breastfed Elisha in a room where Napolean stayed.

Shonbrunn palace is just amazing. Massive (like I’ve said about everything else we’ve seen), and so much history. We saw the room where one member of the Habsberg family was born and then around the corner the room where he died. Shonbrunn was their – oh I’ve forgotten whether it was summer or winter abode, but one of the two – so many rooms. We did a tour with a recorded guide, and we saw forty of the rooms but this is only a fraction of what is there.

The decoration of the rooms was amazing. Some the family did themselves, some famous people were commissioned to do, and each room had a theme of some sort. Depending on who last used the room it may have been plain varying to fancy over the top. But each and every room was impressive.

The family really does have quite a sad history. The last empress lived in the palace by herself (her husband had been exiled after giving up the throne) until she died in 1989. So it really hasn’t been empty that long.

We weren’t allowed to take any photos so there wont be any pictures of this because we didn’t buy any sort of tourist book either.

My gmail account and my arachnet accounts are not working properly from this computer so there probably wont be any e-mail correspondence until we get to Telfes on Monday.

We had planned to go and look at the museum of fine arts today, but I am leaning towards not doing it at the moment, don’t feel like dragging poor old Elisha through another big stuffy old building (this is what I’m imagining his opinion is, not mine), so we might tackle something a bit more simple today.

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