Bleedin’ ‘eck (or, My, that’s a frightfully large collection of paintings you have there)

Just back from my solo visit to the fine arts museum here, and as the subject says, what an eyefull. I went the entire day on one extremely overpriced coffee and bit of cake, and now have an extremely painful case of ‘Museum back.’ Additionally I also have a spot of Museum ear, a new malady produced by being proximate to buzzy, piercing audio guide for periods longer than 5 hours. Of the gallery, coins, sculpture, egyptian, grecian, roman, silverware, and who knows what else, I only managed the first two (and I thought I was going to wander over the road to check out the papyri museum too… silly boy). As I was finishing with the coins I asked an attendant if I could use my camera – ‘Yes, no flash’ – doh, I had thought you couldn’t, so then I madly raced around taking pictures of paintings that I had found especially interesting.

Other tidbits – has anyone eaten a snak pak recently? Does anyone remember what they *used* to taste like? They used to be kind of wobbly. I remembered that I used to like them, and was sadly disappointed when I tried one recently. They’ve become more like Yogo. In fact, Yogo is more like an old snak pak than snak pak… aaanyway, here in Austria we have discovered the SNAK PAK. Well, it’s not actually called snak pak, but I’d wager good money that the original snak pak creator, a culinary virtuoso, moved to Austria in disgust and created the SNAK PAK. It’s not actually called SNAK PAK, but you get the picture. It’s a half a kilogram of chocolaty goodness for under 2 dollars.

I have again embarked upon the activity that always accompanies any visit to Austria, to Tara’s dismay – an attempt to learn German. I’m reading a book called German in 30 days (I believe there’s an abridged version called German in 1 day, which involves shouting Achtung a lot, and the consumption of large amounts of bratwurst and sourkraut) I’ve read 5 of the lessons, and am now thinking a more appropriate title would be ‘German Roadsigns in 30 days’… that’s the trouble with this generation. We want it yesterday. Instant gratification. Anyway, I’d better get off, there’s someone waiting for this machine who I believe just signalled ‘Slippery Road Ahead’ to me…

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