Yesterday was a nice quiet day, we didn’t really do very much.

We spent the morning in the hotel lobby, reading, while waiting to use the computer. Eventually it was lunch time and we went off in search of something to eat.

When we arrived here we were very pleased to discover that Helen C and friends were here. We have been having a lovely time catching up and getting to know them. So two of the group Claire and Dave did not go into Innsbruck with the others yesterday and they came on the search for food with us (they had been up on the mountains til lunch time). Andrew came also.

Before we went on this hunt for food Brett had been down into Telfes to the Spar (supermarket) to try and get us something. It was closed until three. Then he got a couple of Semmel rolls which were left over from breakfast, but instead of quenching it only served to whet our appetites.

So off we went. Andrew proffessed to know of a little restaurant in Telfes that they had gone to before for lunch. It was also closed. So off to Fulpmes we travelled. The first place we went past was not open for lunch, and the second place we went to was open for lunch, but we had missed their lunch hour and they were closed by the time we got there.

Finally we went to the trusty old D??? (can’t remember the name right now), where I have been before with Brett. Well it was fantastic. And it wasn’t just because we’d worked up a fabulous appetite by this time. I felt like a chocolate milkshake and several people (actually all bar one) followed suit, and boy were they glad they did. This was almost the best milkshake ever. In fact it has received such a raving review by our party that everyone else is going to D??? (still can’t remember) tomorrow to see if what we’ve told them is true.

Today was a slightly busier day. We decided over dinner last night that we would go to the Gletscher (glacier) for some skiiing/snowboarding. We had to catch the bus down the hill at nine-thirty. Brett, Elisha and I made it to breakfast by the pre-arranged time of eight-fifteen, in fact we may have even been the first ones down. But after a leisurely breakfast it was all of a sudden five to nine. Woops.

Well after a lot of rushing and my constant chorus of, “I’m not going to make it, I’m just not going to”, I was dressed, Elisha was dressed and I was running (well as best as you can when you are all rugged up and you are carrying a very heavy baby who is all rugged up) down the hill. Made it in plenty of time.

We hopped on the bus at the first bus stop, so the bus was empty. But by the time we got to the gletscher some three quarters of an hour later the bus was absolutely packed full. In fact it was so full and stuffy that I ended up feeling a little travel sick – although all the twisting and turning up the valley might have helped that. Jumped out of the bus and FREEZING is what met us. It was -11 up there all day.

Not that I noticed from my nice comfortable seat in the restaurant. Three of us, Kate, Helen and I (well okay four if you include Elisha) sat there for the morning while the others had fun in the snow. The waiter’s name was Wolfgang, and we thought he was pretty grumpy looking and that if we didn’t buy stuff often enough he’d make us leave. How wrong we were. By the time we left later in the day, he was making jokes and having a great old time with us, coming and commenting every time someone else joined us in the sanctuary of the building.

I really wish I had have taken some photos, but a bit late to say that now. It was gorgeous up there. 3000m up.

Elisha has slept an awful lot today. Possibly partly because he did not sleep so well last night, possibly partly from the altitude. He fell asleep on the way to the gletscher, he had a sleep while we were there, he fell asleep while we were standing at the bus stop waiting to catch the bus home, stayed asleep the whole bus trip back, and stayed asleep while Mummy carried him (huffing and puffing no less) up the hill to the hotel, he stayed asleep when I put him on the bed, took of his beannie and unzipped his little blue yeti suit, and stayed asleep for a fair bit after that. And now he is back in bed after his evening meal.

I wonder if he’s going to sleep long tonight.

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