Much Ado About Nothing

We’ve not been doing much and I’m going to tell you all about it. I’m using the Taylor’s computer now, and they have a normal keyboard, and guess what, I’m typing like I’m using the Deutch keyboard… so once again, expect mistakes.

Yesterday we didn’t do very much at all, and it was lovely. Had breakfast, Dave and Chelsea left, we put Elisha down for a much needed nap and then spent some time in the Taylor’s apartment, watching the downhill, then we had lunch all together, after which the Adams’ departed to their own room and had a nap.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the Dorfkrug again, so that everyone could sample the much heard about chocolate milkshake, and yes it was just as good.

Dinner last night was fantastic, a buffet, and would you believe it I wasn’t actually all that hungry, which is actually quite suprising as just about the whole time that we have been here I have been hungry. With Elisha feeding every two seconds, and the cold weather what else could you expect.

After dinner had a bit of a chat, and then retired for the evening.

Today is following a pretty similar pattern at the moment. Breakfast then the rest of Helen’s touring group left and the Taylors went to church. Brett and I went to the apartment and listened to a sermon tape, back up to our room Elisha had a sleep.

We’ve just come back from lunch down in Telfes, and now we’re having a bit of a relax. Don’t think we’re doing much tonight. I think we had better do something tomorrow though. Hmmmm, I wonder what we might do?

I’m feeling very neglected… someone leave a comment please, it has been days since I’ve had one!!!

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