Fulpmes & Innsbruck

As I was saying, it has been a bit hard to get on the computers, hence the lack of entries. My apologies.

Mind you, even with two days and no entry I don’t have an awful lot to write about. We have had some very nice, relaxing days. Visited the next town down – Fulpes twice and Innsbruck yesterday.

When we went to Fulpmes on Tuesday, my plan was to have lunch, and then spend a bit of time wandering around. Lunch was good. Wandering took all of ten minutes. Fulpmes, just happens to not be all that big.

Went shopping in Innsbruck, and was very tempted to buy Elisha some clothes for winter coming in Australia, but just don’t know what sye he is going to be. And it was on sale too!!!

Got a beautiful picture of Elisha this morning. It was snowing, and so I turned his highchair around so that he could watch it, and he had Lambikins in his arm, and they were watching it together. *sigh* So cute.

Spoke to a lady from Brussels today, with much not understood, but managed to work out that she and her friends thought that Elisha was nine months old!!! Hmmm, not quite.

Well Elisha is signalling (through the baby monitor – very glad we brought that with us) that it is time for me to sign off. I’ll get back here when I am able.

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