Photo Entry from Austria

Well here is the long promised photo entry from Austria… it could take a bit of time to load up, so I apologise in advance for that, but hope you enjoy nevertheless. There could also be more photos of a certain little someone, than of Austria. *blush*

His Royal Rugged Up Cuteness

When we first went out into the cold, and put Elisha in the bag, in the pram, with his little blue hat on, Brett and I were in fits of giggles (well I was giggling, I’m not sure what the male equivilant is). He was so cute. (I think you’re going to hear that a lot this entry).

Found Snak Pak

Brett’s long lost friend. For his thoughts about this, see his entry here. I think the idea of the bee was so that you could tell how big the dessert was… pity the bee is not a standard sized object, but so you can hazard a guess it is a wrist rattle for Elisha.


When we were on the train near the end of our stay, I sat with Elisha on my lap next to a man who decided to speak to me (because as you know Elisha is cute). All I heard was, “German, German, German, German Schlumpf”. And would you believe I know what Schlumpf means. It is Smurf. Now how I know that is completely another story.

St Stephan’s
 SS2 SS1

I think my comment in the entry from this day was, “Wow”. And I just have to say it again. “WOW”. I have more photos of St Stephan’s on another day. One thing that I haven’t captured here properly is the spires. The spire you can see (and which is being restored) is the larger of the two. Originally both were to be the same size, but as it happened money ran out and the second one had to be finished a little less grand. Overall it was still pretty impressive to me though.

Pretty Horsies all in a Row

One of the touristy things to do in Vienna is to go for a horse and carriage ride around the city. This mode of transport can be seen lining up all over the place. We didn’t go for a ride, but I coulnd’t resist taking a snap.

Sights around Wien
Statue1       Statue7 Vienna1 Statue6 Statue5 Statue4 Statue3 Statue2 Statue1

I just loved walking around the city, down every street, around every corner, there was something to snap.


…or someone like that. Where there are tourists, there is money you know. It was freezing and he was standing out in the cold, cold wind.

And so was he, and I don’t even know who he is supposed to be. Brrrr. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

St Stephan’s Strikes Again
  SS5 SS4 SS3

We did take more photos than this of the inside, but we didn’t use the flash, so they didn’t come out properly, so even these ones have been lightened a lot, so you can see the detail. It felt strange to use the flash in the church, it was so quiet and contemplative. The first time we went it was mass, and we couldn’t get into the main area of the church, so we came back later. The whole building is full of all sorts of decorations, statues, pictures and so on.

I’ve decided that I’d better do this in installments… so you’ll just have to wait for more pictures of Elisha. 🙂

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