Well I’ve broken my no computing unless you iron rule already. But it’s Sunday, give me a break!! I’m not ironing on Sunday. And it’s four-thirty and this is the first time the computer’s been on today, so I think I’m doing okay.

Too Much Computing

I have been warming this seat in front of the computer too much. I am going to endeavour to stay out of it for longer periods of time.

I think for the moment my challenge to myself is that I have to do some ironing before I can use the computer. That should see the ironing pile reduced somewhat. I hope. Otherwise we are going to be wearing wrinkly clothes, actually I think we already are.

Last night was great – the reunion of the Van Der Kooijs – to celebrate fifty years since arriving in Australia. Four of the seven siblings were there, and someone had the audacity to ask them which of them were naturalised. Answer: None. My one word answer to that one word answer is: Naughty.

I think that there were about ninety people there, and that wasn’t even everyone, actually it was probably about two-thirds. Not really sure, just going off the top of my head here.

Glenn and co didn’t make it, which was a pity, I was looking forward to catching up with them again. It’s so hard to arrange to see them when they aren’t contactable. I’ll have to work something out with them.

Well in effort to spend less time here, I’m off. But in effort to write every day, I’ll be back tomorrow. See you then.

50 Years

Today marks the fiftieth anniverssary of the Van Der Kooijs arriving in Australia. Little did anyone know their plot to take over Western Australia, then Australia, and then …. the World.

Oma and Opa may have passed on, but the Vad Der Kooij clan is still going strong (and tall).

Nothing Amazing

Been continuing to tweak pages around the site… 1000 words is down for the moment, I’m working on getting something going over at Blogger, to make it a bit easier and hopefully a bit more frequent also.

Check out some of the things in my sidebar and let me know what you think of the changes that have happened, or let me know of any bugs you find.

Truth be told the real reason I’m posting this is to see if I can keep going every day for a while.


Dear Elisha,

7 MONTHS!!! Stop. Right now. I forbid you to grow for at least five years!

We are now well and truly into the second half of the first year of your life. Things have not been so busy these last weeks and I think you are feeling better for it. You have started sleeping through the night again, and Daddy and I are thankful for that.

You have perfected the art of tantrum throwing during the last month. You have a wonderful ability to cry to the extent that it sounds like you are going to be sick, and then when I come in and pick you up (not a tear to be seen by the way) you stop instantly, and then smile. Cheeky little boy. I am not sure what to do in response to these tantrums. My head says, “Let him cry, or he’ll learn to get the better of you”, but my heart says, “He’s only a little baby and he needs his mummy”. Heart most often wins.

Your babbling continues. “Babababa” is runner up to the infamous, continuous raspberry. Daddy and I have been working on the “mmmmmmmm” and “d” sounds lately. It is fascinating to watch you watch us and then try to do it yourself. You thought you had “mmmmmmmmm” down-pat for a while, but you didn’t, you were saying it with your little mouth wide open. But now you seem to have the hang of it, and will quite often respond in kind.

Raspberries being ever so popular, you’ve decided that you have to have more than one sound effect in the repertoire. Although I’m not so sure this should be could a SOUND effect as such because it does not produce a great deal of noise at all. This new sound is best described as smacking your lips together (many times, rapidly). Sort of like a silent “bababababa”. Very cute, especially when you are tired.

Shyness has started to develop. Often when we are visiting or being visited, you first nuzzle your head into my shoulder before warming up to people. It makes me feel very special, but I hope it doesn’t last too long, as I’m sure it doesn’t make the person being shied away from feel all that fantastic. What does make me feel even more special is hugs. You have really started grabbing hold of me, especially first thing in the morning when you get up in the morning and we make our way to the couch for first breakfast. Although I’m not so sure sometimes this is a hug, rather than a desperate seeking of nutrition, as it is normally accompanied by a very large open mouth which normally ends up clamped on my shoulder by the end of our short journey. But when you are getting tired and ready for a nap you will often give a little hug, and then rest your head wherever you can, as long as it is on me somewhere. It makes me sigh just to think of it.

Crawling, crawling, crawling and the joys as well as trials and tribulations it brings, I’m sure that is what my letter to you next month is going to be all about. It certainly can’t be too long now before you get all the different actions going at the same time. You do everything that needs to be done, only you haven’t thought to try them all at once yet. The thought of you crawling is both exciting and fear-inducing.

You have learnt the art of rolling from tummy to back now though, and it is a wonderful relief to you. You don’t have to wait for me to come running to your assistance any longer. I thought that it would mean I’d be picking you up from the edge of a room and putting you back in the middle, but for the moment, while you are learning to crawl you seem to be quite content on your front.

I love it when you get up onto your knees to try to crawl and then rock back and forwards on your hands and knees. I don’t know what it is about that particular action but I am completely enamoured of/by (I don’t know which is the correct word to use here) it.

Food. You love it. The only thing we have added to your diet since last time we talked about it, is banana, which you seem to like, but haven’t actually eaten a great deal of yet. Oh, and teething rusks. Which make a lovely mess.

The last few days you didn’t eat much in the way of solids, but today you threw my worries into the wind and gobbled up everything we put under your nose. Well okay not everything, everything, but everything put there for the express purpose of being eaten.

I think this is starting to get a little strange, so I’d better stop. It must mean I’ve run out of important stuff to say.

But most importantly, just in case I haven’t told you recently,

I love you little man.

xx Mummy xx


Working on some stuff around here. Just in case you hadn’t noticed. Let me know if you find any bugs, or suggest improvements!!! Thanks.

Took a trip up to Hillarys with Cathy this morning. What a glorious day. The weather was perfect, the sky and sea brilliant. Such obvious reminders of how good the Lord is to us.

Elisha continues to try and crawl. At this stage, still no success. I think you will know when he has had success. I am guessing that I might completely disappear from the blogging world. Will try my hardest not to. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Leaps And Bounds

I am constantly amazed at the learning curve Elisha is taking, how often he does something new. Over the last few days he has started getting up onto his hands and knees and rocking. Yesterday while I was trying to take a photo of this, he started waving his hand around while on his knees. He is getting closer to crawling every day. Brett also witnessed him doing push ups on his toes. He is getting better and better at sitting unassisted, although I am still too scared to leave him sitting by himself as he forgets it hurts when you fall over.

His options for dinner are slowly growing, so far we’ve added to his diet, potato, carrot, brocolli, sweet potato and zucchini. I also tried giving him apple. He doesn’t like it. I was so disappointed. I thought it might just be because it was the first time I gave it to him and it was so different. But he didn’t like it the second or third time either. I think it might be time to give up. He closes his mouth and refuses to open it for the spoon, and I had to keep sneaking little mouthfuls in, and then, the face. Not impressed. Sometimes while sitting with a spoonful of apple in front of his mouth he would strain like he was working on something and go very bright red in the face. To me it was a pretty clear indication of distaste.

Unconscious Mutterings

  • Judge::Judy (I don’t like her very much)
  • Detroit::Never been there, wonder what it is like
  • Hyphen::Hyphenate
  • Get it right::Now!!!0
  • Pulsating::Pulse
  • Yoga::Bendy, twisty
  • Memorable::Occassion
  • Financial advisor::Money, money, money
  • Ten million::That’s lots of money
  • I::
  • Do you think I should make a section just for these memes?