Dear Elisha,

7 MONTHS!!! Stop. Right now. I forbid you to grow for at least five years!

We are now well and truly into the second half of the first year of your life. Things have not been so busy these last weeks and I think you are feeling better for it. You have started sleeping through the night again, and Daddy and I are thankful for that.

You have perfected the art of tantrum throwing during the last month. You have a wonderful ability to cry to the extent that it sounds like you are going to be sick, and then when I come in and pick you up (not a tear to be seen by the way) you stop instantly, and then smile. Cheeky little boy. I am not sure what to do in response to these tantrums. My head says, “Let him cry, or he’ll learn to get the better of you”, but my heart says, “He’s only a little baby and he needs his mummy”. Heart most often wins.

Your babbling continues. “Babababa” is runner up to the infamous, continuous raspberry. Daddy and I have been working on the “mmmmmmmm” and “d” sounds lately. It is fascinating to watch you watch us and then try to do it yourself. You thought you had “mmmmmmmmm” down-pat for a while, but you didn’t, you were saying it with your little mouth wide open. But now you seem to have the hang of it, and will quite often respond in kind.

Raspberries being ever so popular, you’ve decided that you have to have more than one sound effect in the repertoire. Although I’m not so sure this should be could a SOUND effect as such because it does not produce a great deal of noise at all. This new sound is best described as smacking your lips together (many times, rapidly). Sort of like a silent “bababababa”. Very cute, especially when you are tired.

Shyness has started to develop. Often when we are visiting or being visited, you first nuzzle your head into my shoulder before warming up to people. It makes me feel very special, but I hope it doesn’t last too long, as I’m sure it doesn’t make the person being shied away from feel all that fantastic. What does make me feel even more special is hugs. You have really started grabbing hold of me, especially first thing in the morning when you get up in the morning and we make our way to the couch for first breakfast. Although I’m not so sure sometimes this is a hug, rather than a desperate seeking of nutrition, as it is normally accompanied by a very large open mouth which normally ends up clamped on my shoulder by the end of our short journey. But when you are getting tired and ready for a nap you will often give a little hug, and then rest your head wherever you can, as long as it is on me somewhere. It makes me sigh just to think of it.

Crawling, crawling, crawling and the joys as well as trials and tribulations it brings, I’m sure that is what my letter to you next month is going to be all about. It certainly can’t be too long now before you get all the different actions going at the same time. You do everything that needs to be done, only you haven’t thought to try them all at once yet. The thought of you crawling is both exciting and fear-inducing.

You have learnt the art of rolling from tummy to back now though, and it is a wonderful relief to you. You don’t have to wait for me to come running to your assistance any longer. I thought that it would mean I’d be picking you up from the edge of a room and putting you back in the middle, but for the moment, while you are learning to crawl you seem to be quite content on your front.

I love it when you get up onto your knees to try to crawl and then rock back and forwards on your hands and knees. I don’t know what it is about that particular action but I am completely enamoured of/by (I don’t know which is the correct word to use here) it.

Food. You love it. The only thing we have added to your diet since last time we talked about it, is banana, which you seem to like, but haven’t actually eaten a great deal of yet. Oh, and teething rusks. Which make a lovely mess.

The last few days you didn’t eat much in the way of solids, but today you threw my worries into the wind and gobbled up everything we put under your nose. Well okay not everything, everything, but everything put there for the express purpose of being eaten.

I think this is starting to get a little strange, so I’d better stop. It must mean I’ve run out of important stuff to say.

But most importantly, just in case I haven’t told you recently,

I love you little man.

xx Mummy xx

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