Too Much Computing

I have been warming this seat in front of the computer too much. I am going to endeavour to stay out of it for longer periods of time.

I think for the moment my challenge to myself is that I have to do some ironing before I can use the computer. That should see the ironing pile reduced somewhat. I hope. Otherwise we are going to be wearing wrinkly clothes, actually I think we already are.

Last night was great – the reunion of the Van Der Kooijs – to celebrate fifty years since arriving in Australia. Four of the seven siblings were there, and someone had the audacity to ask them which of them were naturalised. Answer: None. My one word answer to that one word answer is: Naughty.

I think that there were about ninety people there, and that wasn’t even everyone, actually it was probably about two-thirds. Not really sure, just going off the top of my head here.

Glenn and co didn’t make it, which was a pity, I was looking forward to catching up with them again. It’s so hard to arrange to see them when they aren’t contactable. I’ll have to work something out with them.

Well in effort to spend less time here, I’m off. But in effort to write every day, I’ll be back tomorrow. See you then.

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