Sitting Pretty

Happy Easter to one and all. I hope you all had a joyous weekend.

Here is my little Elisha Bunny. Isn’t he just too cute!

He hasn’t been too happy over Easter. We got a little bit too busy, and his naps were completely messed up. We did survive though, and I’ve been a bit more strict about naps for the last two days. Last night he slept through which was lovely.

He still hasn’t been as happy as normal though, he’s getting FOUR teeth. The poor little munchkin.

He’s still learning stuff though. He now goes from a crawl position to sitting with no trouble. I was a bit worried that he couldn’t do it, and I was always having to put him into the sitting position, but he’s got the hang of it now.

He also figured out today that if you climb up the step out of the sunken lounge it is much easier to get on the coffee table that way, than trying to climb up on it from the floor beneath it. Uh-oh.

Eight Months

Dear Elisha,

Well here we are again. Another month to add to the tally. And you’ve decided to mark the occassion by working on some teeth. They are trying their darndest to get through your poor, little, red gums. I feel so badly for you, but there is nothing I can do to take away the pain. I gave you a bit of the Brauer Teething painr relief yesterday and it seemed to help a bit, but today you’ve done well with nothing. Although there was the temporary meltdown at the shopping centre when I took you out of your pram and put you into your carseat. I think we may have had a differing opinion as to where you should be relocated.

So, what have you been up to since the 23rd of February? Yes, I did predict correctly, you are now a crawler. And you love it. Me, I’m not so sure what my opinion on this development is. It sure makes things interesting, and I’m getting a whole lot more exercise and practice at saying “no”. But really, it is wonderful to see you growing and learning to do things yourself. The fact that you are getting into things that I would rather you didn’t, isn’t such a problem, I will keep saying no, and removing you from the object, or vice versa and see how we go with that. The most frustrating thing for me with your ability to crawl so far is that you can now make it very clear that being picked up is what you want. You crawl over to my feet, plonk yourself down there and “cry”. Very clever.

I’m not sure how long you are going to stick with just crawling though. You are already very intent on pulling up on furniture, stairs or legs, and standing, although the “furniture surfing” (term coined by a lady Brett and Dave met at the gym) has not started… yet.

Oh, how could I forget, you also celebrated turning eight-months old by adding a new flavour to your diet. Paper. Mmmmmm, yummy.

You have certainly increased the amount of babbling you do over the last month. “Dada” and “Mumumumum” have been added to the list of things you “say”. You do a lot of mimicking, if we cough, growl or roar, you will return in kind as best you can.

Sometimes when you are sitting by yourself playing or doing whatever it is that babies do, you laugh to yourself, and I find myself wondering what you were thinking about that made you laugh. Making you laugh is one of my favourite things to do, because I just love to hear that sweet, sweet sound.

This morning you were very woeful. I put you back in your cot because you had woken before six o’clock and I had gone to bed VERY late. But you weren’t having any of that. So I got you up again, as Daddy really did need some more sleep (he went to see Joe Satriani last night and it went very late (or is that early?)), as we went past the laundry, we let Ookie out. I sat you on the loungeroom floor and she came up to you and rubbed against your back. I was impressed, as this would be the first affection she has really shown you. She then flopped down on the ground near you. Silly cat. Near enough for you to really do her some damage. You didn’t though. Because I grabbed your hands and helped you to pat her “softly, gently”.

Well, my brain is not functioning so well, and I can’t remember anything else to tell about your eighth month. But I am sure there must be more to tell.

Oh, yes. I love you little man.

xx Mummy xx

Moving Onto The Next Berry

Elisha decided last night (or was it the night before) that raspberry blowing needed a bit of a shake up. He’s moved on from there. Now it’s blowing farts on mummy’s arm, or leg, or wherever there is a bit of skin. Brett is convinced the next step involves hands (this probably only makes sense to those who REALLY know Brett and his hands).

I had a lovely day today. Brett looked after our little man for a great part of the day while I scrapped. I sort of have a deadline tomorrow, and hadn’t even started. But now I am mostly finished. Thank you Bretty.


I broke it. My “entry every day” streak. It will be interesting to see what happens now. We might be back to your regularly (or is that not so regularly) scheduled blogging.

Today I went out and Debses looked after Elisha. I have never missed him SO much. It was very strange. I have been so happy to see him this afternoon since I got back. It is almost like while I was out, I found an even deeper love for him.

My little darling.


Not today, but yesterday was a crazy busy day. I am lucky to have survived it. In the morning Cheryl W, Mum V and Dad A vistited.

Then Elisha and I headed out to GBs headquarters, went and visited Bob, went to the Post Office, then visited Gran (well stopped in the driveway to make a phone call on the mobile phone), dropped some GBs stuff off at someone’s house and then went to mother’s group.

Someone was VERY tired when we got home.

Wait, that’s not all, there’s some Austria to see. (edited 2014 …I seem to have lost the photos over time, sorry bout that!)

Yep, there it is again. The Hoffburg.

Don’t actually remember anything about this building, but the steeple is just magnificent. According to Brett we were very blessed to be seeing so much blue sky too.

Hmmm, that will do for now. Next time to the Schonbrunn.


I fell over today. Down some steps. Wasn’t watching where I was going, was looking at the mail which I had just collected from the letterbox, and most embarrasing of all, talking to Dad A. I’m not sure which I hurt more, my foot and knee or my pride.


I forgot to mention yesterday a new addition to Elisha’s diet. Grass. While we were out at the Family Fun Day run by Girls Brigade yesterday, we sat on the grass. Elisha played with it, picked it, licked it, and most likely ate some too.

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 110

  1. Shape up::I really have to work harder on my diet and exercise.
  2. New Orleans::Never been there, but I think of StreetCar named Desire
  3. In the bedroom::Is the bed, where I sleep.
  4. All the time::All the time
  5. Philosophy:: Idea
  6. Tyler::Name of someone I “know”
  7. Disturbed::Mentally
  8. French kiss::Ummmaaaahhh
  9. Solidify::Fatten
  10. Furtive::Sly

Armour Again

I tried to think of a really corny pun about armour, but I couldn’t so you just got the boring old title as it is. Feel free to come up with a pun though.

If you aren’t interested in photos of arms and armour, don’t bother looking at the more.

These are Moor masks I believe. I’ll have to ask Brett about this one so you get the facts straight. Anything from me is probably going to be myth.

This book was an inventory of all the armour in the collection when it was first started by one of the members of the Habsburg family. The pages were drawn by hand and the attention to detail is amazing. I think you’d be pretty upset if you made a mistake. The entries in the book record the history of the knight and his armour.

Ummm, Brett?

I can’t believe that I didn’t include this photo last time. I was actually looking for it to include it in the last entry, because I find it so funny. Yes, the armour was made to follow the fashion trends of the day.

Pussycat, Pussycat, Where Have You Been?


Tonight while I was at Girls Brigade, Elisha got hold of the cat. Literally. His interest in the cat has been intensifying over the last few weeks. Initially the cat would have to be close and in full view before he noticed her. This progressed to him peering, stretching trying to see where she had gone when she walked past. It is now at the stage that he will look for her when he hears her.

Tonight he figured out how to be excited and crawl, both at the same time. Ookie must have been off guard, and he had her. A fistful of fur and flesh, and boy, when he grabs – he really grabs. I have scratches and bruises to prove it.

She was so good. She was scared or worried and made noise and tried to get away, to no avail, but she did not scratch him. I have to say I am quite surprised. Surprised, but very pleased. If I wasn’t allergic to cats, I’d give her a big, friendly, warm cuddle.