Armour Again

I tried to think of a really corny pun about armour, but I couldn’t so you just got the boring old title as it is. Feel free to come up with a pun though.

If you aren’t interested in photos of arms and armour, don’t bother looking at the more.

These are Moor masks I believe. I’ll have to ask Brett about this one so you get the facts straight. Anything from me is probably going to be myth.

This book was an inventory of all the armour in the collection when it was first started by one of the members of the Habsburg family. The pages were drawn by hand and the attention to detail is amazing. I think you’d be pretty upset if you made a mistake. The entries in the book record the history of the knight and his armour.

Ummm, Brett?

I can’t believe that I didn’t include this photo last time. I was actually looking for it to include it in the last entry, because I find it so funny. Yes, the armour was made to follow the fashion trends of the day.

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