HBTM or Nine months and one week

I haven’t written an entry for so long because I’ve been very cross (that’s putting it nicely) about the amount of comment spam. But the fact that it is now a week since Elisha turned nine months has forced me to come and write his nine month entry before I forget what happened. So much is happening these days that it is very hard to remember anything.

Dear Elisha,

You’ve made it to three quarters of a year! Wow. I’d really better get cracking with birthday plans, considering how long it takes me to organise anything, and how organised I like to be. Anyway, this letter is supposed to be about you, not about my oddities. 🙂

The biggest change you have made over the last month is the arrival of four teeth. You managed to do it in about a week. There are two more just waiting to come through, but not quite brave enough to make an appearance yet. “Mumumum” and “Dadadadad” aren’t making much of an appearance these days, the current favourite is “Ladladladla”, and it is extremely cute.

You had a cold a week or so ago, and were very miserable, which was a realy pity as we went away for a couple of nights to Carmel, and I don’t think it was quite the same with you not feeling so well. But you’ve made a full recovery and right back into the swing of things now.

The patch on the back of your head which you rubbed bald when you were very little has all grown back with hair now, but it isn’t red, it is blonde. And very blonde at that. Looking forward to seeing which colour wins out.

I’ve cooked a couple of meals recently that we can all share, and it has been fun to watch you eat the same food as us. I’m constantly suprised at how tasty very simple (and even very healthy) ingredient based-meals can be.

You’ve started joining in when I play peek-a-boo with you. If I am hiding behind something you will crawl as quickly as you can to come and find me. And you’re so pleased with yourself when you do find me to. You make your cute inhaling laughing noise.

It is a real joy to discover the things that make you laugh,and I’m looking forward to finding a whole lot more of them in the weeks and months ahead.

I love you more than ever.

xx Mummy xx

PS Don’t forget next Sunday is Mothers Day. (N’ah just kidding)


Elisha is not well. Yesterday before Brett went to work we put him down for a nap. We thought he was asleep… but as Brett walked out of the door he “woke-up”. And when Brett walked in the door sometime between three and four, Elisha still hadn’t had a nap. He’d fallen asleep a number of times, but hadn’t stayed that way. So when Brett walked in the door I walked out. For about an hour.

The poor little man has a very runny nose, and I think his teeth might be on the move again.

We’re going away tonight for a couple of nights, I hope he’s feeling better by this afternoon. He was up an awful lot last night.

Today is looking somewhat like yesterday. He is refusing to go to sleep. Not sure what to do. 🙁

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a half decent title every time I write an entry…

Sorry about that little rant, but I really do find it tough to think of original subjects. Maybe next time. I don’t actually have anything in particular to write about, perhaps that is the other problem.

Have had a busy few days, but happily, nice busy.

Friday afternoon Brett, Elisha and myself were blessed enough to be able to witness Suzanne and Michael’s wedding. In King’s Park. The weather was absolutely glorious, and the two of them were obviously happy, and very relaxed. In fact I think it was probably the most relaxed wedding I’ve ever been to. Well that is the last of my bridesmaids to get hitched. Congrats guys.

That evening we were again fortunate to have received an invitation to the infamous Andrew D cocktail party. Boy did it make me feel old… even though I wasn’t among the older guests, I was ready to go home not long after we arrived. I am so completely out of this going out at night thing it is not funny!

Saturday afternoon was Rachel’s first birthday party. That was lots of fun, and a very little girl got very spoilt. Has got me thinking about Elisha’s party even more.

Sunday I had some Girls Brigade planning.

Monday saw me walking with my mother (witnessing a car accident, where no-one was hurt thankfully), visiting our old neighbour, going on a play-date to Karen and Cameron’s house, and then having a different Karen over to scrap.

Today I met with Cheryl W, went walking with Karen and Riley and then visited nan and grandpop.

So Elisha and I have been very busy beavers, but like I said, it has been fun.

Hope you’ve been having as much fun as we have.

Apart from adventuring outside the house, I’ve also been introducing a lot of new foods to Elisha, he has loved them all so far, apart from tomato, that one was not so popular. He even liked orange. I was very surprised.

Setting The Record Straight

All the way back when Elisha was born and I was telling his birth story I got my facts a little muddled up. Not quite sure how I did it, but have come to realise it over the last few days, and so want to put things right.

Elisha was taken to the nursery not long after his birth because of temperature and breathing difficulties, but, he was brought back later in the afternoon, and then taken away again. I had originally written that they took him and he never came back til the next morning. This caused me some confusion because I had photos of him with me in the afternoon, but I couldn’t figure out how they’d been taken if he was in the nursery.

Finally my memory came back. 🙂 They brought him back for a feed. And he was in the room with me for a while, and we had visitors, but he still wasn’t keeping his temperature at a level they were happy with, so they took him away again.

And I did still listen out for them bringing him to me all through the night.

Bringing You Up To Speed

Well I really have dropped the ball haven’t I? Lots been going on here. At the top of the list is the arrival of teeth. Four of ’em. And two more on the way if the number of get ups in the night, and amount of crying and complaining during the day is anything to go by. The first four arrived in a week, starting around his eight month day, and finally breaking through soon after Easter.

Today was another first (well in my memory anyway, Brett can set me straight if I’ve got it wrong). Elisha had a very bad night, and then a very bad afternoon. When Brett got home tonight, I was so relieved to have help at hand that I cried.

I’ve also discovered that he has no problem with perserverance. If he touches something he’s not allowed to I tell him, “No”, and remove him from the object, give him something else interesting, but he will very often go back to the blacklisted item. He does know that no is not good though, as often he will cry when I say it.

He’s also been in the wars a bit of late, but that was largely my fault. I’m trying out for the “World’s Worst Mother” title. I’ve cut his finger, not closed the car door properly and bumped his head. But no more detail than that. Generally he’s okay after five seconds, I’m heart-sick for the next twenty-four hours.

I’m also getting very tired of all the comment spam, so I may have to change to another program for writing this thing… gm doesn’t seem to have the choice to approve comments… although perhaps there is a hack. Hmm, does anyone know?


I was right about entries slacking off because I broke the flow. And now I’ve got so many little things to write about I don’t think I’m going to be able to remember them all.

Yesterday Brett’s Falcon arrived. After much watching of auctions on E-bay we finally took the plunge and purchased a Star Wars Lego Millenium Falcon. Sometimes the level of excitement Brett shows about things annoys me. The package arrived in the morning before he went to work. It took him an age and a half, and a whole lot of hints to even notice it was there. It was still wrapped and sitting in the same place when he left for work.

He rang Andrew after work and invited him over for a “play-date”. Did you know that building a space-ship takes a very long time. They stopped just before ten, and they still have at least ten pages of instructions to go.

I took a whole lot of photos of the progress through the night, but I really do wish that I had a sound recorder of some sort, because the comments (and sound effects) were, shall we say, very interesting. I believe Andrew will be returning later today to help finish it off.