Bringing You Up To Speed

Well I really have dropped the ball haven’t I? Lots been going on here. At the top of the list is the arrival of teeth. Four of ’em. And two more on the way if the number of get ups in the night, and amount of crying and complaining during the day is anything to go by. The first four arrived in a week, starting around his eight month day, and finally breaking through soon after Easter.

Today was another first (well in my memory anyway, Brett can set me straight if I’ve got it wrong). Elisha had a very bad night, and then a very bad afternoon. When Brett got home tonight, I was so relieved to have help at hand that I cried.

I’ve also discovered that he has no problem with perserverance. If he touches something he’s not allowed to I tell him, “No”, and remove him from the object, give him something else interesting, but he will very often go back to the blacklisted item. He does know that no is not good though, as often he will cry when I say it.

He’s also been in the wars a bit of late, but that was largely my fault. I’m trying out for the “World’s Worst Mother” title. I’ve cut his finger, not closed the car door properly and bumped his head. But no more detail than that. Generally he’s okay after five seconds, I’m heart-sick for the next twenty-four hours.

I’m also getting very tired of all the comment spam, so I may have to change to another program for writing this thing… gm doesn’t seem to have the choice to approve comments… although perhaps there is a hack. Hmm, does anyone know?

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