Setting The Record Straight

All the way back when Elisha was born and I was telling his birth story I got my facts a little muddled up. Not quite sure how I did it, but have come to realise it over the last few days, and so want to put things right.

Elisha was taken to the nursery not long after his birth because of temperature and breathing difficulties, but, he was brought back later in the afternoon, and then taken away again. I had originally written that they took him and he never came back til the next morning. This caused me some confusion because I had photos of him with me in the afternoon, but I couldn’t figure out how they’d been taken if he was in the nursery.

Finally my memory came back. 🙂 They brought him back for a feed. And he was in the room with me for a while, and we had visitors, but he still wasn’t keeping his temperature at a level they were happy with, so they took him away again.

And I did still listen out for them bringing him to me all through the night.

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