Do you know how hard it is to come up with a half decent title every time I write an entry…

Sorry about that little rant, but I really do find it tough to think of original subjects. Maybe next time. I don’t actually have anything in particular to write about, perhaps that is the other problem.

Have had a busy few days, but happily, nice busy.

Friday afternoon Brett, Elisha and myself were blessed enough to be able to witness Suzanne and Michael’s wedding. In King’s Park. The weather was absolutely glorious, and the two of them were obviously happy, and very relaxed. In fact I think it was probably the most relaxed wedding I’ve ever been to. Well that is the last of my bridesmaids to get hitched. Congrats guys.

That evening we were again fortunate to have received an invitation to the infamous Andrew D cocktail party. Boy did it make me feel old… even though I wasn’t among the older guests, I was ready to go home not long after we arrived. I am so completely out of this going out at night thing it is not funny!

Saturday afternoon was Rachel’s first birthday party. That was lots of fun, and a very little girl got very spoilt. Has got me thinking about Elisha’s party even more.

Sunday I had some Girls Brigade planning.

Monday saw me walking with my mother (witnessing a car accident, where no-one was hurt thankfully), visiting our old neighbour, going on a play-date to Karen and Cameron’s house, and then having a different Karen over to scrap.

Today I met with Cheryl W, went walking with Karen and Riley and then visited nan and grandpop.

So Elisha and I have been very busy beavers, but like I said, it has been fun.

Hope you’ve been having as much fun as we have.

Apart from adventuring outside the house, I’ve also been introducing a lot of new foods to Elisha, he has loved them all so far, apart from tomato, that one was not so popular. He even liked orange. I was very surprised.

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