Ten Months (Plus Some)

Well you’ve hit another double figure milestone. You’re now into the double digit months. Only a few weeks left til you’re first birthday.

I’m still feeling pretty grumpy with Greymatter and comment spam, but the main reason I haven’t had many entries happening is that I’m too busy chasing you around.

You are so full of life and energy and it is just so wonderful. I am grateful most days that you are such a healthy and vibrant little boy.

You are turning into a real little copycat and parrot. You have learnt to wave. You say “dadda” and know what it means. You also mimic anything you can – mumumum, nanananan, and today you even came out with a close approximation of “gentle”. Yes that is a word you hear fairly often as you have quite a thing for hair pulling – including the cat’s. As such, you have received your first couple of scratches from her.

The other thing you seem to have been into this month is injuring yourself. In short – fat lip, thumb stuck in whistle = cut thumb, egg on forehead, scratch from cat, and climb/fall out of cot. I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse than that.

I seem to be coming down with a cold at the moment, and if you are feeling anything like I am feeling well then it is no wonder that you had a half hour or so tantrum today.

On the bright side of things, you have started sleeping through the night again, and I think Daddy is especially pleased to be getting a bit less interrupted sleep. Hopefully my cold will be over soon, and his quality of sleep level will improve again.

Anyhoo, though this is short, I am tired, and am now going to bed.

Love you heaps little man.

xx Mummy xx

Boy Oh Boy

Yes I am still alive, and so are Brett and Elisha. I think I’m lacking a bit of reason to blog at the momtn. I used to have the thought that someone might be enamoured enough with what I’d written to write a comment, but now that’s not possible. Yes, I’m still very narky about the comment spam. Hopefully I’ll be over it soon.