Eleven Months

Hey, woah. I need to start planning a birthday party!!!

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Dear Elisha,

I’m so tired, I don’t know how I am going to summon the energy to write this month’s letter. You have a cold, and seem to be teething, and just not sleeping in general. I remember people saying how tired they were with newborn’s and, “Just you wait”. But I never had a problem when you were brand spanking new. But these days, it only takes two nights of bad sleep and I am a train wreck. Like right now for instance. I am trying to work out what the difference is and the only thing that I can come up with is that for the most part life has resumed its normal level of busyness plus looking after a son on the move.

You have really been testing your boundaries this month. Anything you’re not allowed to touch, you touch, over and over. The bin, the chess set, the stuff on Daddy’s bedside table, the list isn’t endless but I find it quite frustrating that you have a gazillion toys but the best thing to play with is something you’re not supposed to.

You are still being a real little parrot. The words we’re trying to teach you at the moment are “pop” and “opa”, but you haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. I’m sure it will be all too soon before you are saying new words that I haven’t even tried to teach you.

You’re still hanging onto furniture to move around on your feet, but I am of the opinion that more than anything this is a security blanket rather than a need. I often wonder how long it will be before you are walking unassisted, but am glad at the moment for every day you do not.

Last night you had your first bottle of formula. We have tried once before many moons ago and you didn’t want a bar of it. But last night Daddy said you guzzled it down like a champ. I am rather relieved about this as getting enough expressed milk for a full feed was taking longer and longer, and becoming a real chore rather than a pleasure. At the same time it makes me sad too, because this is another step of you not needing me in a physical sense. I am hoping that you don’t take such a liking to your Thursday night (I’m at Girls Brigade) formula feed that that becomes what you want all the time.

Well you are asleep in your cot at the moment, after some debate with me on the issue… and now, because it took so long to get you there I’m going to have to wake you up, cos we’re going out to Tropical Twist with the Girls Brigade Girls. I’m taking the camera so hopefully we’ll get some great shots.

Love you heaps my little man, in spite of how tired I am.

xx Your Mummy xx

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