On Food

Elisha’s appetite has been very mysterious the last couple of weeks. He’s either not hungry or ravenous. It makes it quite difficult to pick a serving size.

Earlier in the week after a couple of particularly not hungry days there was a sudden change… he scarfed down all of his vegetables and was still hungry. Gave him another half a potato and a few more carrot and celery sticks. Still hungry. Persimmon. Still hungry. Kiwi Fruit. Still Hungry. Piece of bread with jam. I think he probably would have still eaten more. But we decided that was enough.

This morning he didn’t even make it through his two Weet-Bix. Didn’t even manage one piece of bread with phili cheese for lunch. (We wont mention the piece of cake he had for morning tea though).

Oh, okay we will. My mum and dad are part of a team from church who go to a local retirement village come hostel once a month to run a church service. A few months ago some of us from Girls Brigade went to sing some songs, and I promised the people that I would come with the group from church and bring Elisha with me. Now not that I would actually expect them to remember, but I thought it was a good thing to keep my word even if it has taken forever. So today we went. Late, mind you, as Elisha decided to have a really good sleep, and I thought I would take advantage of every minute I could get. Anyway back to the point. After the service a lovely spread was put on for morning tea. Everyone was having cake and slice and yummy stuff. Except poor old Elisha who was happily (if only he knew) munching on his rice cracker. I felt for him and decided that he could have his first real taste of cake. And oh, by golly it was good. He munched the little cupcake down with out any persuasion, even though it had pink icing on it.

Hey, this is good. I’m finally getting over the whole comment spam thing, although I think the way to tell I’m really over it will be when I stop mentioning it.

Got a few birthdays coming up and need to get myself organised for them. Off to do some of that now.

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