I See You

Elisha has always loved to play “Peek-a-Boo”… but now it is even more fun, because he can say “Boo”. Well in his own way, sometimes it sounds more like “Baa”.

Birthday Boy (belatedly)

Dear Elisha,

You have turned one!!! Every day for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking, “One year ago, I was doing such and such.” It is so much fun to remember everything, and yet amazing how quickly time has passed.

It was very nice that your birthday fell on a Saturday, it meant that we were able to have your party on the actual day of your birthday. Not that any of that made an iota of difference to you, or anything about your party for that matter. You took it all in your stride. I was very proud of you. My big boy.

I had been thinking about the upcoming party for months. Planning it all in my head and lists all over the house. But I didn’t really get around to any of the doing til Thursday when I wrote a shopping list. Friday Aunty Debs, Romilly, you and I went and did the grocery shopping, and that afternoon/evening I started work on the food. Finished it all while the party was happening.

All in all I think you had a pretty good day. The party started at 11.00am and you took your morning nap right up until after the first few visitors arrived. Perfect timing.

The food was all very yummy, and most of it was suitable for you and all your friends to eat too… although judging by how much of the dip and vegetables were left some people didn’t realise that the vegetables were supposed to be a little bit soft. I probably should have explained that. We had fairy bread (you can’t have a party without fairy bread), tiny teddies, mini m&ms, jubes, dip and vegetables, jelly oranges, dried fruit and because it was a lunchtime sausage sizzle, there were of course sausages in buns, onions, green salad and potato salad.

And cake of course!

We had asked most people not to bring gifts, but if they still wanted to bring something Daddy and I suggested that they could donate some money to the Mustard Seed Foundation Orphanage. However you were still very spoilt. We didn’t buy your present til after your birthday. We waited to see what you got, and then I bought something to compliment some of the toys you were given.

Gran & Opa – little people abc zoo train
Nan & Granpop – wooden trolley with blocks in it, the complete winnie the pooh and another book
Auntie Cathy – lift and lock swing, adoption of baby rhino at weribee zoo
Auntie Kate, Uncle Glenn, Jack and Nicholas – Shakin Carnival train
Uncle Josh & Uncle Simon – little people abc zoo nursery
Great Nanna – two board books – Hairy McLairy and Zachary Quack and The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Romilly – Sandpit
Auntie Ezra – pull back cars
Auntie Pei-Peing and Uncle Kevin – Spinning School bus
Riley – wooden ring stacker
Andrew & Ben – Noah book
Uncle Peter and Aunty Kathy – West Coast Eagles clown
Uncle Andrew – Rubber duckies
Mrs Radford – coathangers and bear

Was I saying very spoilt?

We bought you the main part of the little people abc zoo.

You certainly love all your new toys. I have put away most of your old ones and will bring them out and put others away as we go, so that there are not too many around the house to deal with at any one time.

Some photos? Okay! (I will only put up photos of the cakes, as I am not sure how people feel about having their piccies on the web)

lollies Sausage Sizzle One Cake Yummy Beary Yummy Opening Presents

So what have you been up to over the past month? Well instead of you let’s talk about Daddy for just a moment. He went away for nearly a week during the last month. It was “interesting”, but I think we did okay. The worst day we had was the Friday. Everyone kept us very busy while Daddy was away and I think at times we were a little bit tired. But my point is that even after being gone for just six days, Daddy said that he could really notice differences in you when he got home. Most specifically I think he said that your verbalisation (is that a word) had changed, and you were using a lot more conversational expression in the noises you were making.

Your play has also progressed miles since your eleven month-day. Now you don’t just hit the toys and shake them around, after being shown what to do with some of the more simple activity toys you are able to play with them the way the manufacturers intended. Mind you, this in no way means that intended method of play is the favourite way to play, just an option.

You also say “Ta” a lot. You like to hand Daddy or I a toy – “Ta”, and then one second later you would like it back, and your little hand comes out “Ta!”. This also happens any time Daddy or I try to eat something and neglect to offer you any. “Tatatatatatata”. Well at least you have manners.

However your fascination for all things in the house that are not to play with has not decreased in the slightest. You find yourself being put in the playpen quite frequently. Some days I feel like this is not just a stage you are going through and you are going to touch all the “nonos” all the time, but I have to continually remind myself that you are only a little boy, and you will learn. At the same time I still firmly believe that I need to leave some things around the house that you are not supposed to touch, so that you learn that not everything is there for you to play with, and this is especially important for when we go out visiting.

Walking is not something you have mastered yet. I think I’ve said you’ve been close for the last few months, but you really ARE close. And I am sure that for the most part it is a confidence thing rather than an ability thing that is stopping you from doing it. Not that I mind. I am sure that once you are walking things are going to get a lot more interesting. Perhaps my weight loss will start happening a bit quicker.

Nan and Grandpop’s birthday present to you of the little wooden trolley has given you the ability to push something around that you can lean on so you are “walking”. Oh my, what a sight. You don’t just push the trolley, you push it and say “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” while shaking your head from side to side. It really is a sight to behold. I think in part the reason that I am so taken with the vision of you pushing it is that it is strange to see you walking. Bizarre to think that a time will come when that is what you will do all day.

Speaking of pushing. Putting you in your playpen does not mean that you stay in the one spot any more. You have discovered that you can move the playpen around which ever room we have it in, by leaning on it with all your weight. So you zoom around the room and get stuck (and frustrated) in various corners. But you’re not normally in there for that long. Only if you are in time out, or if I really need a moment of peace from chasing you around the house.

One year. It has been an amazing experience to be your mother for the past year Elisha, and I feel so blessed that God has given you to us. I hope that you continue to grow strong and develop well, but regardless I am your Mummy and I love you very much. It is amazing to think of how small and helpless you were when we brought you home from the hospital. I remember putting you in your cot for the first time and just staring, and staring at your tiny form lying there in the bright sheets, you relied on Daddy and I completely for your everything. I guess for the most part you still do. But you are so much more personable and mobile than one year ago, it is just awe inspiring. It is my prayer that over the next year we will get to know each other, and love each other even more (and that you will finally come to know “where Mummy is”!!!)

Well my little man, I know that there is a lot more that I could say, but I think enough has been put down for now.

You are so special to me

Lots of Love
xx Mummy xx

Take Two

I am going to try opening comments again as it appears the spammers have (probably only temporarily) disappeared.

Let’s see what happens now.

Comment away people (that is, if anyone reads this thing).

Countdown 10 To Go

On Monday a new Elisha milestone was reached. I was sitting on the couch and he was standing at my knees with his hands supporting him, one on each of my knees. He had a small piece of paper in one hand and was trying to play with it but having some difficulty as his hands were too far apart. So he let go of my knees and stood there unassisted playing with the paper. I think he was quite surprised when he realised what he had done.

He has also started a very interesting manouvre. He will be crawling and sitting and crawling and sitting, and then he will push himself up onto his hands and feet and stay like that with his bottom up in the air. Sometimes he takes a couple of steps in this position. Very funny. I was flicking through a human biology book for Brett (trying to find a skeleton picture) and came across a page with different developmental stages in young children. And the move which I have just described above was listed as a 12 month achievement.

Oh my. Nearly one year old. I’d better start looking at birthday cakes.