Countdown 10 To Go

On Monday a new Elisha milestone was reached. I was sitting on the couch and he was standing at my knees with his hands supporting him, one on each of my knees. He had a small piece of paper in one hand and was trying to play with it but having some difficulty as his hands were too far apart. So he let go of my knees and stood there unassisted playing with the paper. I think he was quite surprised when he realised what he had done.

He has also started a very interesting manouvre. He will be crawling and sitting and crawling and sitting, and then he will push himself up onto his hands and feet and stay like that with his bottom up in the air. Sometimes he takes a couple of steps in this position. Very funny. I was flicking through a human biology book for Brett (trying to find a skeleton picture) and came across a page with different developmental stages in young children. And the move which I have just described above was listed as a 12 month achievement.

Oh my. Nearly one year old. I’d better start looking at birthday cakes.

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