I Love Doddles Don’t You?

When having his nappy changed there are a number of toys that keep Elisha occupied (in other words, happily laying on his back). Most of them are teddy bears of some description. For quite some time now he has been into hugging them most viciously… preluded with a very cute and gentle “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”, I think trying to mask the ferocity of what is about to come. So Brett and I have gotten into the habit of saying “Aaaaaah, cuddle”. Last night, after his shower, Elisha was playing with Lamby. Giving him a big cuddle, then passing him to Brett for a cuddle, getting him back giving him a cuddle and then passing him on to me. And on and on. Today however, he was adding to the “aaaah” a “doddle”.

So there you have it folks. Elisha’s first word. Doddle.