A few things while I’m thinking of them.

Went away to camp for the weekend. The first time leaving Elisha at home. I was very sad, but more terrified that he WASN’T going to miss me.

According to Brett he chucked the biggest tantrum ever that night because he wasn’t allowed to play with his cup of yoghurt and spoon. And then in the morning he had a little hissy fit because I wasn’t there to give him his first feed of the day.

He was very pleased to see me and I got loads of brilliant little smiles. Life’s simple pleasures.

While in Melbourne I went to the op-shop and bought him a selection of toys for $1.50, I have to say they are probably the best bargain I’ve ever bought. Managed to pick up a jigsaw toy for 50c, and it normally costs well over $30 I think. I also bought this little baby puppet and he loves it. “Bubba” is a new word in his vocab since the doll has arrived.

He has also started kissing when asked, and this morning he was playing with “Baa” and Lavender and he made them kiss each other. Then Riley and his Mummy came over to play and Riley got a hug and a kiss. They were some real melt your heart moments.

Just wanted to record a cute little Elisha fact… this afternoon when I was feeding him something I did made him laugh, and then he was laughing and trying to feed at the same time. Interesting combination.

Ah, yes Blogger, I do realise that you still exist. But I’ve been busy over here: www.arach.net.au/~ultrabert, until comment spammers put a stop to that. Darn those comment spammers.

But now I need to write. There has been so much going on and it’s all just floating around in my head, I think writing will be the basis for a bit of a brain drain.

Let’s put it all nice and briefly for now, and then when I have time I’ll expand on everything.

Biggest one first.

Monday I had a miscarriage.

Little fluff next.
All the stuff I need to to do get ready for our trip to Melbourne.
Elisha learned to walk last week.
He’s got seven teeth now.
I missed his thirteen and fourteen month letters.
Elisha is currently in his cot chucking a bit of a sad.

Oookay, that’ll do for now. Very, very busy. Just glad to find you alive blogger.