Ah, yes Blogger, I do realise that you still exist. But I’ve been busy over here: www.arach.net.au/~ultrabert, until comment spammers put a stop to that. Darn those comment spammers.

But now I need to write. There has been so much going on and it’s all just floating around in my head, I think writing will be the basis for a bit of a brain drain.

Let’s put it all nice and briefly for now, and then when I have time I’ll expand on everything.

Biggest one first.

Monday I had a miscarriage.

Little fluff next.
All the stuff I need to to do get ready for our trip to Melbourne.
Elisha learned to walk last week.
He’s got seven teeth now.
I missed his thirteen and fourteen month letters.
Elisha is currently in his cot chucking a bit of a sad.

Oookay, that’ll do for now. Very, very busy. Just glad to find you alive blogger.

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